iPhone 5 – Pre-Orders Now Open On Orange And T-Mobile


Both Orange and T-Mobile have opened up their pre-orders for the iPhone 5 and there are some good deals to be had. The cheapest deal is £36 a month with unlimited internet, 2000 minutes (plus unlmited T-Mobile calls), unlimited texts on The Full Monty Plan (pay monthly) for 24 months. You will also need to to put down £109 upfront for the phone cost. The total payable for this deal will be £973 over the two years.

Click here to pre-order from T-Mobile

Click here to pre-order from Orange


How do Orange and T-Mobile iPhone 5 customers get superfast 4G on EE?



If Orange and T-Mobile iPhone 5 customers want to upgrade to the new superfast EE 4G service (once it launches in the coming weeks), they can do so.  The process will be simple, and all that is required is a new SIM card and EE plan, which can be arranged with our service agents. Customers will not be charged for breaking their contract early, as long as they move to an equivalent priced and length plan on EE

How much will it cost for existing Orange and T-Mobile customers to break their contract early and move to EE?



At any stage in their contract, existing Orange and T-Mobile customers, will be able to upgrade to a new EE plan. If their new EE plan is the same term and price per month or more than their existing plan, the move will be at no additional cost.

How much will it cost for new customers?


New customers will need to sign up to a 4GEE from EE plan. Pricing will be announced in due course, once the 4G service has completed all engineer testing.

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