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Color Lake was not part of my workflow prior to Joanne’s request that I write a tutorial about it. I felt like it was a very specific one-trick pony; the novelty of which would wear off fairly quickly. Only after I started to play with it did I see its potential as an app that could add twists and textures to an image. Using Color Lake, this is how I created Tipsy.


Step 1


I set the carnation on my kitchen counter just below the window to take advantage of natural light. I used 645 Pro on my iPhone 4S. My film choice was E6K in a 6×6 format.

Step 2


I moved the image into Color Lake. I adjusted the threshold toward the bottom of the photo because I wanted minimal reflection. In the settings I adjusted the color saturation to 75%. I turned on the Rain feature and set the rain weight to 50%. I saved several images until I found the one that showed just the right amount of reflection.

Step 3


Next I placed the image into Pop Dot Comics (PDC). I love the definition and color this app adds to my images. I used Pop Comics filter #10. The halftone was set to fine line and I selected paper #6 with no border.

Step 4


While I love the effects created by PDC, I did not want them to overpower the image and those effects created by Color Lake. To prevent this from happening I layered the image created in Step 2 (Color Lake) with the image created in Step 3 (PDC) using Iris Photo Suite. The Color Lake image was my base and I blended it with the PDC image. I used the Pin Light Filter at 31%.

Step 5


To complete the image I moved it to Vintage Scene. I randomly chose one of the Antique Photo filters and played with various borders and papers until I settled on the final image.



I have a totally different opinion of Color Lake now that I’ve spent time using it. I like the texture and the depth created by the slanted rain drops and the squiggle at the base of the flower stem. Instead of being a one-trick pony I know that, with some experimenting, this app can definitely add more than just a reflection to any image.

Color Lake retails for $1.99/£1.49. If you would like to download it, just click here.

10 thoughts on “Tutorial – Color Lake – Exploring New Techniques”

  1. Good stuff, Lisa!! As I’ve said before…just when I figure out how you’ve done something, you come up with something new! I love it!!! Keeps me inspired!!

  2. Color lake, paintmee and now pop dot… These apps have just opened my creativity. I am running out of room on my ipad because of them. Great tutorial. I was looking for a layering app and viola! Iris Suite!

    Now to find a place to store all the images.


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