HiLO Lens for iPhone & iPad – New Kickstarter Project


The developer of this new lens for iPhone and iPad contacted us last week about it, before Kickstarter had even approved the campagin. They wanted us to the be the first to let our readers konw about this new opportunity for iOS photography.

We have included a video below demonstrating this product. Although we have not looked at the prototype yet we can tell you that it has been made with three lenses and one prism. The developers have also created an app, which will be available for free and will correct the mirroring of the image, due to the prism and also improve image quality with ‘smart processing’. The app also provides an optional shutter delay. This project has been created by the same developer that created the OlloCorrect app for the Olloclip.

We have included some sample shots below.

With 35 days to go and a goal of $27,500, so far it is looking quite promising. They have 39 backers and have been pledged $2,573. If you would like to find out more about this project, go here to the Kickstarter page.




Video Demonstration






2 thoughts on “HiLO Lens for iPhone & iPad – New Kickstarter Project”

  1. Joanne,

    This combined with Galileo hardware and integrated with that new shot designer app, if it can be done, wow, low angle dolly moves tied into your shot setup. Maybe tied into your storyboard app. This makes me think about a complete production ( with pre and post ) in your hand. I am not saying for theatrical or even TV broadcast, but webisodes or training vids. Just truly need a stunning audio setup that is not deliberately overpriced. Then it becomes a disruptive package.

    Be well


  2. Hey Laurence sounds like you have a Kickstarter project there 🙂 While you are working on that how about backing the HilO Lens on Kickstarter!!

    Thanks for the feedback.


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