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Kuster – Naked In Brazil!

We’re so pleased to welcome our awesome Columnist, Kevin Kuster back home to theappwhisperer h.q., from his adventures in Brazil, he had a fantastic naked experience when he discovered he left one or two things behind … but we’ll let him tell you all about that. Over to you Kevin… (foreword by Joanne Carter)


‘I just spent the past several days speaking at a photography conference in Brazil and was naked the entire time’.


© Kevin Kuster – He dropped from the sky


Now, before you lose your lunch with the vision of me teaching naked, let me explain. I wasn’t physically naked, but I must admit it did feel like I was since I chose to leave all of my DSL camera equipment at home. Although this might not seem like a big deal to many, it was for me. You see for the past 20 plus years I have had a kind of love affair with my DSL camera. We have traveled the world together, Ireland, Italy, Bahamas, Czeck Republic, Mexico, London, Jamaica, etc… It’s kept me employed. It’s allowed me to attend some of the biggest sporting events in the world. It has allowed me to work with celebrities and all kinds of fascinating people. It has always been there for me and I have viewed the world through its crystal clear frame.


© Kevin Kuster – Top row left: Copa Airlines gangway. Top row right: Lunch at Poleiro do Galo.
Bottom row left: Nose spoon balancing @kevinkuster and @rafaelbms. Bottom row right: Man flipping @simplesleo


Although I had to sincerely think about whether or not I should take my DSL to Brazil, once I made the decision not to, I couldn’t have been happier. I breezed through security without someone having to manually check my equipment; no concerns about a gate agent telling me all the overhead bins were full and I’d have to check my bag before I entered the plane; no aching shoulder or back from carrying all the extra weight; no scrambling to find the right lens before I took a shot; and most importantly, I never had to worry at all times where my bag of very expensive equipment was. Losing that constant state of attentiveness alone was like tossing a 100 pound weight from my back.



Top row left: @donhsa. Top row right: rickymedina_gf
Bottom row left: @analeticohen Bottom row right:@jpcaruso


Since recently embracing mobile photography as an exciting and valuable extension to my career, things seem to keep getting better and better. Not only did I get to meet, teach, laugh with and learn from some amazing Brazilian photographers, I finally got to meet my business partner and friend, Josh Johnson, @joshjohnson in person. Since joining Josh as the Chief Editor and Community Manager a few months ago, we have only communicated by emails, texts and phone. Strange how you no longer have to meet someone in person to start a business partnership. However, you can never beat personally meeting someone, shaking their hand and interacting with them one on one.


© Kevin Kuster – Top row left: @fburjato_dm. Top row right: @tedelage and @olhar
Bottom row left: (unsure). Bottom row right:@jbeldroegas


It was extremely rewarding to teach so many passionate people about mobile photography, Instagram, our #JJ community and share a few tips and tricks. It’s fascinating  to see how mobile photography has sparked a global revolution that I don’t believe we will ever see again. Everyone seems to be jumping on the mobile photography wave and the numbers continue to increase every day. The simplicity of snap, edit and share is allowing people to learn at an amazing rate. What once took someone a lifetime to learn about the art of photography now allows people to learn, and be really, really good in a relatively short amount of time. Yes, there are always going to be more talented photographers or professionals that shoot better pictures than others but, that’s not really an issue. Just by its very nature and ease of learning, mobile photography seems to encourage all kinds of people to just start shooting, share and learn as you go. I believe the secret behind the mobile photography explosion is that it truly allows people to find their inner creative voice. Mobile photography seems to encourage people to tell their own unique stories and not get hung up on all the technical issues of photography. Fundamental photography skills will ALWAYS be a must, however, learning those skills and interacting with other passionate story tellers has never been easier or more exciting in my opinion.



© Kevin Kuster – Top row left: Smoke, snap and sip. Top row right: Cathedral Metropolitan de Juiz de Fora. Bottom row left: Sao Mateus Church. Bottom row right: Colors to keep Brazil clean.


I want to thank all the people of Brazil with whom I had the fortunate opportunity to interact while I was there. You all taught me so much. Thank you @planetagram and @anamokdeci for hosting me. Thank you to all the wonderful speakers, @jpcaruso, @rickymedina_gf, @annaleticohen and @joshjohnson. I also want to thank my partners at Creator Gallery for allowing me to attend the event and shouldering all the work at home while I was gone.  Most importantly, I want to thank my son for giving me the biggest hug and kiss when I first saw him upon my return.



© Kevin Kuster – ‘Opposites Attract’


Finally, DSLR, I have to say I’m sorry but I didn’t miss you at all on this trip.  Please don’t be upset with me. We both know there are things that only you can shoot and I wouldn’t take anyone other than you if you were the right one for the assignment. You also know I will soon be pulling you out again to travel and shoot because you’ll never be replaced in my heart. However, your friend iPhone was just perfect for this assignment.


© Kevin Kuster – No DSL for Kevin Kuster. Tee shirt belongs to @hiatajf


When not performing my covert operations for the FBI, I spend my free time saving baby harp seals in the most populated area of the Arctic. On Holiday’s I travel to London to play Mac Beth at the Savoy Theatre. I frolic, I weave, I connect dots, I carve soap sculptors and I am a part time Lego artist. Although there is no know record of it, I once won the Nobel peace prize for my ground breaking and innovative designs with shelf-paper. I spotted, trapped and released Big Foot while camping on the Yukon River. I am the man behind the voice on Movie Phone. I never buckle my seat belt while on a plane. I saw the real Jim Morrison perform live last week in a small hotel bar in San Juan Puerto Rico. He sang, DON’T GET AROUND MUCH ANYMORE and hummed the theme song from STAR WARS. I am the player to be named later in any professional draft. Every other Tuesday morning I play dodge-ball with the Pope at the Vatican under St. Peter’s square. I always let His Excellency win! I refuse allow gravity to effect me. I have a map that shows the exact location of the fountain of youth. I fly a Pegasus to save on gas. And I was employed at Playboy Magazine for 18 years and served as the Senior Photography Editor and Managing Content Producer for Playboy Digital. Currently, I am a photographer, producer, Chief Editor at the #JJ community (@joshjohnson on Instagram) and a partner at Creator Gallery. Although I have had a relatively quiet life thus far, I see some really excitement times coming my way writing for


  • Thomas

    Great post, Kevin! Now I have a dilemma since I am heading to W.Africa in January! Thanks for sharing.

  • Kevin Kuster

    It’s good to be back at TheAppwhisperer h.q. I must say being “naked” while traveling internationally really makes going through customs easier.

    • Thomas

      I sure get the custom’s thing. I travelled to Spain with nothing but my iPhone and it was great. Again, you have challenged me re Africa so may have to rethink my plans. I do like the anonymity mobile photography brings – at least more so than a large DSLR.

  • Lousvette

    Wonderful article Kevin. Great pics. Glad you & Josh had a great time in Brazil.

  • Susan Carroll-Seger

    Also looking forward to future columns Kevin. Glad to hear you know where the fountain of youth is as it is in my neighborhood. FYI we now have a new 500ft out on the wetlands @fountain of youth. See you there.

    • Kevin Kuster

      Shhhh don’t tell anyone where the fountain is so we can keep it to ourselves.

  • Patricia

    I have been a lucky Brazilian who has been with nacked Kevin and I learned a lot! What a nice article, Kevin!

  • Allison James

    Thanks for sharing, Kevin! It reminded me of the first trip I took with only my iPhone. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what that would be like for you had you not written this! Mobile photography, what a movement!

  • Janine Graf

    I ditched my heavy DSLR and lens two years ago and haven’t looked back; my spine is very thankful too! Thanks for the great read Kevin, I really enjoyed this!