Teri Lou Dantzler – Joins The App Whisperer As A New Columnist


We’re delighted to welcome Teri Lou Dantzler as one of our new Columnists to theappwhisperer.com. Many of our readers will be familiar with Teri Lou’s video tutorials that she has created for us, see here. Teri Lou Dantzler is a professional Photographer with the creativity and insight that it takes to craft artistic images. Her camera of choice is the iPhone and her processing device is an iPad; both are loaded with many photographic applications and are conveniently with her all the time. Teri Lou’s vast knowledge of these applications has earned her the title of  “iPhone Guru” and ‘App Queen.”

As a Columnist for the appwhisperer.com she will demonstrate the processing techniques she uses on her iPad as video tutorials. The bi-weekly column entitled ‘MyiPadLive’, will feature tips and tricks, simple processing ideas and complex multi application workflows.

Teri Lou has traveled the world discovering and sharing what is photographically possible with the iPhone and iPad applications. A recent adventure took her to Nepal and Cambodia where she trekked into the Himalayan Mountains with the iPhone as her camera and an iPad for image processing and journaling.

She also takes several road trips per year throughout the United States where she enjoys hiking and backpacking. “It is so wonderful to be able to capture and process such amazing images without having to carry all the extra weight of the traditional gear. “ Teri Lou explains.

Two years ago when she began teaching iPhone/iPad Photography her goal was to inspire, motivate and demonstrate what is photographically possible when using iOS devices and applications. As one student expressed,  “ She has an amazing breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise and backs it all up with inspiring works of her own AND contagious enthusiasm.”

Teri Lou offers monthly online iPhone/iPad Photography courses, Workshops, Tours and private instruction.

Visit her inspirational site to see amazing images and for additional information regarding online courses and workshops. http://www.teriloublog.com and http://myipadlive.com for the collection of video tutorials available.

We recently welcomed Richard Gray, Misho Baranovic, Dan Marcolina, Keith Tharp, David Hayes, Richard Koci Hernandez, Rudy Vogel and Kevin Kuster as Columnists to theappwhisperer and we will have a few more announcements to make very soon.

We are growing at a phenomenal rate and trying to include as much unique content from the mobile photography world as our readers can possibly digest, you really don’t need to go anywhere else!

Please join us in welcoming Teri Lou to theappwhisperer.com family, welcome Teri Lou.

Go here to check out Teri Lou’s articles in her brand new Column.

Teri Lou Dantzler




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  1. Yay!!! So great to see you here Teri Lou!! My first Facebook group was Teri Lou’s and here we be together!! Looking forward to your, what will be, a most excellent column. 😀

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