Our Flickr Group Showcase – Mobile Photography & Imagery – December 02, 2012


Don’t miss this weeks’ Flickr Group Showcase – our group Mobile Photography and Imagery is growing all the time. We now have 15,388 images uploaded.

Every week the level of submissions is outstanding, so for the month of December, we have decided to increase our Top Picks. Each showcase will feature 15 images instead of our normal 10. With special thanks this week to Shoot Too Kill, Amy Leibrand, Elodie Hunting, Lola Mitchell, El Aldo, Clearer Reflections, David Hayes, VeronicainMo, JQ Gaines, Catherine Restivo, Sarah Jarrett, dcemmy, Emily Reid, Gary Gardiner, Denis Perekhrest and Cat Morris.

Don’t forget to keep uploading your images and next week you could be featured in our showcase too. Many thanks to everyone and have a great weekend!

Music this week is Keep You Kimi – Hird




Video Showcase


3 thoughts on “Our Flickr Group Showcase – Mobile Photography & Imagery – December 02, 2012”

  1. Fantastic! So pleased to be included in this week’s showcase with all these wonderful photographers!! Thank you so much!!! Congrats everyone on your fantastic images!!


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