Our Flickr Group Showcase – Mobile Photography & Imagery – December 30, 2012


Don’t miss this weeks’ Flickr Group Showcase – our group Mobile Photography and Imagery is growing all the time. We now have 17,413 images uploaded to our group.

This week we have expanded the image volume once again, we we have included over twice the amount of images that we usually do, we think you’re going to love this extraordinary journey. With special thanks to: Brendan, Jamie Stewart, Melissa Vincent, Paula Gardener, VeronicainMo, blur_devil, Tess Gomm, Emily Reid, RobinLDN, Mel de K, Michael Hill, on2alan, Non Ho Paura, Shane Martin, Aldo Pacheco, Luxtra, Lea Zimany, Gary Gardiner, Catherine Restivo, Laura Peischl, Nettie Edwards, Barbara Paulsen, Jennifer Bracewell, Shel Serkin, kCe7, Paul Toussaint, JQ Gaines, Roger Guetta, Janine Graf, and Hochlander.Yuriy Leskiv.

Don’t forget to keep uploading your images to our group because we are currently working on a very special showcase with our favorite images of 2012, there’s still time to enter that.

Music this week is Guardian Angel by Leah West, lyrics below.









4 thoughts on “Our Flickr Group Showcase – Mobile Photography & Imagery – December 30, 2012”

  1. Again – THANKS! I really enjoyed this week’s showcase. Some fine work here.
    Happy New Year Joanne!
    Onwards and upwards in 2013!


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