Mobile Photography / Art New Year Resolutions 2017 From Around The World

When we think of a new year, we sometimes think of a fresh start and with that, our minds start racing with ways to improve on what we did last year. Sometimes, New Year Resolutions are ambitious, sometimes less so but all are supposed to hold the promise of commitment for the entire year. This can be difficult to achieve and it can be hard to keep up the enthusiasm but not impossible. It’s important to not only enjoy big goals but also to enjoy the little things, looking at the stars at night, walking barefoot in the grass… essentially bring more peace to our lives.

In many ways, following the loss to all of us of dear Carolyn Hall Young, I have started to view this life as one continum of love and creativity. Not in twelve month segments. The only difference being perhaps that each year my love and creativity grows deeper and that’s only possible with courage. We must all have the courage to realise the treasures that are hidden within each of us. We must be brave to make our world wider, to experience life as richly as it longs to be known.

As in previous years we have asked mobile photographers and artists for their New Year Resolutions with an accompanying image. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, they all make a great read and are inspiring and I am forever grateful to you all. Here’s to 2017!

Gianluca Ricoveri, Manuela Basaldella, Erika Carrillo, Lisa Waddell, Ioannis Sidiropoulos, Cathrine Halsor, Michael Pretterklieber, Leinaala Mitchell, Giancarlo Beltrame, Bob Weil, Linda Sbath, Isabella Matthews, Geri Centonze, Karen Divine, Mariette Schrijver, Knox Bronson, Maria Cecilia de Sao Thiago, Fiona Christian, Andrea Bigiarini, Marian Rubin, Laine Heller, Coy Townson, Susan Tuttle, Mehmet Omur, Deborah McMillion, Maurizio Zanetti, Lindy Ginn, Meri Walker, Vanessa Vox, Elsa Brenner, Eliza Badoiu, Alix Carmichele, Ale Di Gangi, M J Stone, Brett Chenoweth, Sean Hayes, Lee Atwell, Barbara DuBois, Kristie Benoit, Anthony Ginns, Allyson Marie, Marguerite Khoury, Edward Santos, Benamon Tame, Karen Axelrad, Carlos Austin, Jennifer Thomas, Diana Nicholette Jeon, Connie Gardner Rosenthal, Tuba Korhan, Cheryl Townsend, Debara Splendorio, Amy Leibrand, Andrew B White, Rob Pearson Wright, Petry Campos, Tania Konnerth, Gillian Brodie, Paula Betlem, Dani Salvadori, Stefanie LePape, Jill Lian, Yoni Mayeri, Elaine Taylor, Gummy Sangkamee, Christine O Sobczak, Cindy Buske, Armineh Hovanesian, Keisuke Takahashi, Shirley Drevich, David Ingraham, Adrienne Parks, Lorenka Campos, Jane Schultz, Gina Costa, Louise Whiting, Victoria Cooper, Alix Carmichele, Riel Noir, Giulia Baita, Rad Drew, Cecily Caceu, Ile Mont, Kim Martino Diaz, Roger Guetta and Brendan O Se.

Gianluca Ricoveri

My New Year’s resolutions for 2017 are very similar  to those of the last year:
They have to do with getting more organised. I just started to clean up my photo album more often. To expand the range of my subjects, explore different styles and use more the Black & White.
Shoot less, shoot better and shoot every day !!

Happy New Year and wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2017.

Happy new Year  dear Joanne xxoo


Image ©Gianluca Ricoveri

David Scott Leibowitz

My resolution is to not stay silent! The world was an evil place in 2016 and we must now, more than ever, resolve to stand up and confront evil wherever we see it. This is not a pretty picture or a comforting New Years resolution but we all must do what we feel is right.


Image ©David Scott Leibowitz

Roger Guetta

I am semi retired and walking the earth until I return to teach in August. I resolve to help artists in dire straights who I meet on my travels.

Yesterday I gave my old iPhone 5 with an external battery to a brilliant painter.
I will help as much as I can, within my limited budget.


Image ©Roger Guetta

Manuela Basaldella


Lars Wegas

In 2016 I started to take more portraits and I went to events and concerts in Rock’n Roll ambient. I met many cool people, bands and I visited a lot cities in Germany and France. It was a like a big party, very interesting and a lot of fun.
For 2017 I will continue focussing on shooting Rock’n Roll, Bands, Events and Girls.

I wish everyone a rocking 2017!


Image: ‘Johnny Horsepower at Roadrunners Rock & Motorclub’ ©Lars Wegas

Erika Carrillo

This 2016 I have been a little absent not very active or involved with competitions or showcases but never stopped in creating art. Around the middle of year we moved again with my family from Texas to Missouri, so far so good we have been here 6 months and we have all adapted to our new life. In 2017 I would like to re-submit my work in competitions and sincerely love to learn how to use photoshop.


Email – [email protected]

Image ©Erika Carrillo

Lisa Waddell

2016 was a great year for me in ways I never would have imagined; photographically speaking.  I joined a wonderful group of local artists and began showing and selling my photographs.  This was just the push I needed to start heading in a more artistic direction.  I am very pleased and fortunate that I have met wth success in a fairly short period of time; all of which was in line with my 2016 resolutions (just not in the manner in which I envisioned it would occur).
For 2017 I want to continue to hone and improve my artistic photo editing skills and at the same time continue to stay true to my minimalist nature.  To that end I am looking forward to completing an on-line mobile artistry course in which I’ve enrolled.  The key word here is “completing” as I have enrolled in others but never finished them.  I also resolve to improve my marketing skills and work within my artist group to explore new areas to share and sell my photographs.

This photograph, Blue Swirls.3, is part of a series of photographs the subject of which is a blue decorative glass bottle.

Wishing everyone much peace, happiness and success in the coming year. Happy New Year, y’all!



Image ©Lisa Waddell

Ioannis Sidiropoulos

“First of all i’d love to thank Joanne for her invitation to contribute to her resolution of 2017 “project”  .. its always a great honor to me ! My name is Ioannis Sidiropoulos , im  a Greek born amateur photographer and artist,..My expectations for the new year are simple … creativity, inspiration, and the ability of taking advantage of new photography applications that make a photo a piece of art .. at least this is what ive been told from people all over the world that ive started after many years of non stop work to have their respect and attention.  .Mobile photography is a mind revolution something that all people must have felt already , keeping their mobile phone more than 18 hours to their hands … lets take advantage of that . ive started from nothing as a knowledge and now im to a level that i can win the grand winning place to  international photography competitions .. and all these with just a passion for what i do .. so be passionate creative and the result of your work will surprise you and will make you try more and more!!!

Image “Butterfly” – ©Ioannis Sidiropoulos

Cathrine Halsor

I will continue to catch the stories the wind is whispering to me, and to continue to transform the ordinary into something poetic.

Life moves in mysterious ways. 2016 was all about travelling and love. Amazing journeys to South Africa, to Mexico, to Amsterdam and Denmark.

My beautiful girls are growing up and slowly choosing their own paths. The nest was suddenly empty. It was time to write a new chapter, with my lovely boyfriend.

I will continue my storycatching, and to create; it’s the way my soul communicate.  It is immensely relaxing for me to loose myself in the beauty of details, and the joy of editing.

I will spend more time with things that inspire me; wandering, nature, listening to music and stories.

Every year I choose an empowering word to act as a guiding light, as a reminder and a promise. I haven’t yet chosen my word for 2017, but I can already feel the excitement from all the new adventures, just  waiting around the corner.

I wish everyone of you Joy and Peace, and more Light and Love in the New Year, xo Cathrine


Image “With you, it’s different” – ©Cathrine Halsor, 2016

Michel Pretterklieber



Leinaala Mitchell

“I resolve to take what I believe to be difficult for me and turn it into a living art.”


email – [email protected]
Image ©Leinaala Mitchell

Giancarlo Beltrame

2016 was a very profitable year for me in many respects. In the first half of the year I did three iphoneart exhibitions and I had major awards. In the second half of the year I came back to almost full time to take care of the cinema (the first love you never forget), neglecting a bit the art. I participated in the organisation of film cycles of Shakespeare, at the prestigious Teatro Romano in Verona, Garcia Lorca, the French film, the melodrama and, last but not least, the Russian cinema of the two thousand years that will begin in early January. I also helped organize an exhibition on the 20 years of the Verona Film Festival, where I have been the creator and co-director for eleven editions of the sentimental and melodrama film festival Schermi d’Amore (Love Screens) .

In 2017 I want to find more time for iphoneart and in April, on Easter days, I will make a new exhibition in the gallery of the Biblioteca Civica in Verona. It will be called “The soul in the stone.” In the gallery they are preserved marble busts of illustrious Veronese from the times of Rome (the poet Catullus) until the twentieth century. With Hipstamatic (lens Tinto 1884 D-Type Plate film) I took the frontal portraits of these statues and with Superimpose i have insert eyes of people that I know and I photographed with the same setting Hipstamatic. The eyes are the mirror of soul and not only revitalize the stone, but question us from inside the marble prison.

Contact – email – [email protected]

Image ©Giancarlo Beltrame

Bob Weil

iPhoneographers are People First

A number of renowned artists passed on this year – including David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Alan Rickman, Prince, Harper Lee, Leonard Cohen, George Martin, William Trevor, Neville Mariner and most recently George Michael and Carrie Fisher, to name just a few standouts for me.

The reality of our all-to-human mortal coil has also been brought home to us here in the iPhoneography world. Just last week, we lost Carolyn Hall Young, an avid and talented artist who was particularly adept at using iColorama to create painterly portraits of fellow iPhoneographers and artists. She was well loved for her kind and generous heart and touched many of personally in a way that few people are able to do. (See tribute image below.)

Many of you may also remember Nate Park, co-founder with Daria Polichetti of the once popular community and art-posting website. He and his wife later staged the first-of-its-kind (and the largest ever) iPhoneography exhibition in 2012: The Los Angeles Mobile Arts Festival. The two of them curated the exhibition, underwriting all the costs, giving many of us the chance to produce our art through their own print service – some for the first time.

I learned in November that Nate is seriously ill with cancer. In sharing this news with me, Daria added: “Mostly at this point, we are just hoping and praying that we can find something to help him turn the corner.” The prognosis, very sadly, is not promising.

So my New Year’s resolution – to remember that, first and foremost, what we do is about people – the artists, and those who love the art. That means cherishing and thanking those who create beautiful and thought-provoking work that brightens our lives, and remembering those creative colleagues whose stewardship, mentoring, encouragement and assistance we so appreciate.

I’ve decided that I will work harder than ever to thank people for the work they do, to recognise their accomplishments, and try in more ways than before to give back to this wonderful, caring community of artists of which we are a part.



“She Rejoins the Angels: Carolyn Hall Young (1953-2016)” ©Bob Weil

Linda Sbath

For the new year, I’m hoping for all the little things that empower me to think, create, hope, forgive and smile. For all in my world (both virtual and real), I’d like to extend a simple wish that you find yourselves moving closer to everything that matters most to you.

Namaste, Linda

Contact – email – [email protected]

Image ©Linda Sbath

Isabella Matthews

I want to meet some iPhhoneographers  in the Perth area and have meet ups ~ discuss apps we each enjoy and try them and share our meet ups with social media I’m also going to do some youth photography in 2017 and I will be doing half of them with my iPhone and fingers crossed I’m hoping to have the new iPhone 7 by the end of the year I wish everyone a fantastic 2017!



Image ©Isabella Matthews

Geri Centonze

Thank You Joanne for the invitation. For 2017, quite honestly the only resolution I have is to get to the other side of the chemotherapy treatments I’m having post surgery. I was diagnosed with Fallopian tube cancer in September 2016.

I have currently been using mobile photography to share my story with others in the hopes I can encourage one person who may also be going through a difficult time. The community of photographers and fellow warriors on Instagram has been life saving for me.

This image was taken after chemotherapy #4 and is titled “This Too Shall Pass”, words my mom used to encourage me with when I was having a bad day. Sadly she passed the day before I found out about my cancer.

Wishing everyone Peace and Abundant Health for 2017.



Image ©Geri Centonze

Karen Divine

It’s my goal to do at least one thing each day for someone else.  Time to give back.



Image “Shaman’s Apprentice” ©Karen Divine

Mariëtte Schrijver


Knox Bronson


Maria Cecilia de São Thiago

By 2017 my intention is to spread my work internationally, which has been finalising and editing photographs of my much older brothers, originally taken by my father in 1933.
Like Nathaly Cole who records the song “ Unforgettable” singing with her father after his death, I return the Stereoscopic Photographs, in glass negatives, made by my father, and do my reinterpretation, by drawing on top of the image, which I have done before with china ink, and now with a pen for iPad.

As these photos are originally stereoscopic, I am considering (for the presentation of this postgraduate project) working on the possibility of showing these images not only printed on cotton paper, but also viewable in the current glasses of Virtual Reality.

My most arduous task now, considering that deep down I am speaking about gratitude and love, will be to choose which type of image best demonstrates this to the public. Digitally coloured images, surreal images, painterlist, or images in Virtual Reality … I do not know yet which to choose to finish …

I show here only an example of these various possibilities and I kindly ask you, who’s watching this video, to tell me what kind of result you prefer.

I am very grateful to Joanne Carter for the opportunity of spreading my passion for iPhoneography, and therefore building peoples’ interest all over the world …

And I truly desire to each one of you a 2017 with more love in this world, so filled with difficulties.

Let us use technology to spread more affection in our world that has never been so imagetic but at the same time, so lacking in love.


Fiona Christian

My focus this year needs to be once again on organisation: Too many times I’ve wanted to use a certain feature of an app and not been able to remember which app does it! There follows an agonising hour or more, of ploughing through dozens of possibles and still not finding what I’m looking for!
I hope to be able to keep a notebook with comments on features of each particular app. Indexed, of course!

I realise the likelihood of success is pretty limited but just thinking about doing it pleases me immensely.

My other organisational trauma is photo storage. I made the (huge) mistake of updating my MacBook OS. All of my (100k+) stored images then rearranged themselves into the virtual equivalent of a bin liner.

The task is now so monumental I don’t know where to begin! I’ll see how it looks from the other end of a G&T and take it from there…

Finding time to fit in picture making is always a struggle, so once more I shall vow to try harder.
Maybe a 365 project is the way to galvanise my good intentions into action?

Watch this space…


Image “Best in Show” ©Fiona Christian

Andrea Bigiarini

New Era Museum
Founder & President

Florence International Photography Awards President

Marian Rubin

Thank you for inviting me to participate in New Year Resolutions for the coming year.
I noticed in re-reading the resolutions I wrote for 2016, that I did not appear to have accomplished many of my goals. In my defence, there were several distractions but it was a good year in many ways. My photography flourished with many juried gallery acceptances, awards and honors. For this I am so grateful.

One of my critical goals was accomplished and that was to improve my backup and storage of my photos. This took a lot of doing and required a great deal of assistance from Apple, whose ongoing support over a period of 4 months was outstanding. During this process I purchased a new computer and needed to transition all my photo libraries and several projects to a new and very different OS. It was stressful but accomplished, mostly. One of the books I was working on had to be completely reconstructed almost from square one. This has been mostly, not entirely, accomplished and hopefully will move toward completion in the new year.

The other of the two books I have been working on has made slow progress but may be completed before the end of 2016! MAYBE! (If I stay focused). Editors note: Marian has now completed her Portraiture book and she has dedicated this book to Carolyn Hall Young and on the back cover of the book is the painting that Carolyn herself painted of Marian for her birthday in 2015. I know that Carolyn would be extremely touched by this. Here is a link on Blurb of Marian’s book

My skills and techniques have grown although not always in the direction I had planned, so I am constantly striving to learn more and want to spend more time studying and experimenting with the more difficult apps, working with layers and compositing.

So, some of my goals for 2017 remain the same:

1. Improve my skills as a photographer.
2. Complete the two books I am working on.
3. Still working on decluttering my home, my desk and my workspace.
4. Get a real start on a book about Danny, my homeless friend, as I feel it’s an important story.

I still feel that time is not my friend as there is so much I want to do. There are not enough hours in the day! Staying focused on one thing at a time is often a challenge.

I wish to take this opportunity to wish everyone a healthy, happy, productive and fulfilling 2017.
Peace and good health throughout the coming year.
[email protected]
[email protected]

‘December Sky’ – ©Marian Rubin

Jay Desind

2016 proved to be a year filled with some loss, some illness and even great sweeping change for two of the largest governments in the world. But despite all this, 2016 also was filled with optimism and, for me, a sense of achievement, having completed and published several projects I had set out to do.

Going into 2017 my hope is that above all our world and those I know personally and as little lights on social media will have productive and healthy days. My greatest challenge is to reinvent myself yet again, melding the beginning of a lifetime photography project following in the footsteps of Henri Cartier-Bresson with a new concerted effort to have a presence in the video arena. I strive, and will continue to do so, to have a positive message with whatever I do and to continue to share to the best of my abilities my art and my words with those who choose to stop by any of my social media platforms.

Jay Desind
Pride Enterprises LLC
7310 W 52nd Ave #117
Arvada CO 80002

Image ©Jay Desind

Gizem Karayavuz



Lanie Heller

2016 was filled with great emotion for me. I lost my father & the pain was something I’ve never experienced.  Through all of the ups & downs of 2016, my two constants were my wonderful husband & son.  For 2017 I wish to see more love in the world & less hate. More acceptance & less friction. More peace & less war.  More creativity & less mindless work. Here’s to a new year with beauty & growth for all. Much love.


[email protected] Momma2maxh

Image ©Lanie Heller

Coy Townson

With the new camera features on the iPhone 7 Plus I’m excited to see what apps we’ll be greeted with in 2017. For me, the “Portrait Mode” is the biggest feature jump in the past few years for mobile photography. I wasn’t sure what to think of the short depth of field in camera, even after seeing many sample photographs and tutorials. Once the iPhone 7 was finally in hand, I couldn’t believe how well this feature created such a short focal length. I know this is nothing new in the history of photography, but to finally get rid of the biggest draw back I’ve had with cell phone cameras opens up a creative that I only had with more traditional devices. No more searching for apps that attempt to mimic this effect in post production. With more experimentation, I’m hoping to get a true optical representation of a Petzval lens when creating tintype and wet plate style photographs. Also, while restoring the apps to my new phone, I ran across a number of forgotten ones that might be fun to use again. I may even shoot more color portraits this coming year.

Happy New Year everyone! “Shoot often…shoot a lot!”


Instagram: @coytownson and @celphonotype

Image ©Coy Townson

Susan Tuttle

I think right now I am being called to explore and grow two aspects of myself (in addition to my art): 1. the healer aspect of me, and 2. the social activist side of me.

I’m currently working towards becoming a Reiki master. Reiki is a Japanese hands-on healing art that works with the body’s chakras and balancing and unblocking lifeforce energy (chi). I feel there might be a place for me to practice this at some point in a hospital setting. I’m drawn particularly to working with elderly people, people with serious illnesses, and children. Hospitals can be a scary place, and often staff are stressed, overworked, and thus not always able to be in tune with the emotional needs of their patients as much as they might like to, and that’s where I might be of use. I’m not quite sure what all that will look like, but I’ll keep pursuing my Reiki studies and stay open to unfolding opportunities. The Universe has a magical way of meeting us half way when we stay open. I also foresee possibly being able to combine teaching art in conjunction with Reiki.

I’ve taken a strong interest in politics as of late and I’m experiencing a rekindling of my social activism roots that were planted when I was a teacher back in the Boston area a little over 20 years ago (of a civil rights nature, with interest in helping to level the playing field for all, disseminating information about institutional privilege and working to educate and make a difference where I can). This is beginning to take on several forms, from working with a friend of mine who is a POC — together sharing information via joint Facebook posts about race, inequity/equity, and positive action. I’m part of a diversity awareness team at my daughter’s school, and I’ve joined two book clubs that read and discuss books about race and systemic privilege in general.


Image ©Susan Tuttle

Mehmet Omur

2017 will be my 3rd year on mobile artistry. That means a lot to me. I learned a lot about mobile art from the community and TheAppWhisperer directed by Joanne Carter.

I had an exhibition on my art in Paris on 2016 named “Magiphone”. This year I hope to realise my book with my mobil abstract images and continue to create, produce and share.

I wish all of the artists of the mobil community a very good and peaceful new year 2017.

Thank you Joanne for making theAppWhisperer the best place to go for the beginners and the very talented mobile artists.


Image ©Mehmet Omur

Deborah McMillion

Make it simple, one resolution. I completed the simple task I set  last year: be brave, learn New apps so the art grows. I learned them but it was only towards fall that the possibilities sunk in. Take your time to learn but make sure it is you.  This year I will use those skills to tell only my stories. After all Alice was once just a little girl with a garden.

My favorite is the slips,  misreads, and literal interpretations of signs, ads, aphorisms like “put your best foot forward”, “labouring under an illusion”,  “drowning your sorrows”, or “a veiled threat”. This is my story.


Image ©Deborah McMillion


Maurizio Zanetti

The 2016 was a good year.  Health drove me, the teaching job I’ve been enjoying the right but still interested enough to do it right, I took pictures with the old iPhone 4S (I’m seriously thinking of switching to the iPhone 7 …) and the Hipstamatic app on most days.  As I promised myself, I searched and found time to put online many photos: on FLICKR, on various pages on FB, on INSTAGRAM.  And I have searched and found time to participate in competitions.  Well: over the past 12 months I have had photos published and finalists or winners of challenge at least 60 times! Two photos were chosen by PHOTOVOGUE, more pictures several times ended in the splendid showcase of Mobile Photography Art or StreetWise (thanks Joanne Carter), three were selected among the best 150 in the international contest  Miramobile, one photo is over between the editorial choices of Lensculture, one in an exhibition that toured all over Europe and many, many, in FB pages of Best Photo of The Day and Best B&W Photo of The Day.  With a photo I won the ToBeVerona contest, with another the contest on the Carnival in Verona (will be the cover photo of the brochure 2017, is the “Leopard selfie” you can see here).  A photo finished second to Reflect Mirror Room Competition.  In short: to be a passion and not a job, taking pictures with the iPhone and Hipstamatic app in 2016 gave me many satisfactions.

Resolutions for 2017? Continue on this way. I like take pictures, I like share them and don’t leave them locked in a hard drive.  If then also arrive awards and some premium, fine.  If not OK too.

Wishes for an extraordinary 2017 at all.  Health, love, peace of mind.

On FB as Maurizio Zanetti
On Instagram as mauzzan
On FLICKR as Maurizio Zanetti – mauzzan
Mail: [email protected]

Image ©Maurizio Zanetti

Kim Martino Diaz

My New Year’s resolution is to try to participate more in the many photography groups that I’m a member of. And to take (or make) the time to fully engage with all the amazing artists in those groups. I’d also like to learn and hopefully master iColorama, and the newer apps by Teresita Alonso Garit – a fantastic developer who I swear never sleeps- Metabrush , iC brushes, and iC Colors. Last year was most painful for me, but 2017 is already shaping up to be fabulous!



Image ©Kim Martino Diaz

Brendan O Se

New Year Resolutions: I can safely say that I have only ever once managed to keep one and that was to quit smoking. Not a bad one to keep, I suppose.

Sure, each year I compile a list of things I want to change or achieve and usually by the end of the first week in January the list is discarded.

Last year, for example, one of my resolutions was to print more. Did I manage to do this? Of course, not. I did, however, manage to shoot thousands of images; all of which are slowly decaying on my computer.

So, for 2017, I am returning to my resolution of 2016 and I intend to keep it this year.

Print – frame – hang!

Happy New Year to all.


Image ©Brendan O Se

Lindy Ginn

I have a couple things I would like to attempt or improve on this coming year…I try not to call them resolutions but rather new beginnings!

I would love to learn a new musical instrument in 2017.  I inherited an auto harp many years ago and have always longed to play it with some skill.  The small band that I am apart of does a lot of “Americana” type music and the auto harp would be a great addition.

The other new beginning is to attempt to be quiet in the moment  and learn from it.  Our modern lives are so full of discord that it is difficult to be just be still and hear that small still voice inside.

” Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you truly love. It will not lead you astray.”

[email protected].

Image ©Lindy Ginn

Meri Walker

As 2016 comes to a close, I am fully mindful of how tired I feel. The horrific political rhetoric that stormed across the US and the loss of dear friends and master artists and musicians I have deeply admired has made this year immensely challenging for me, mentally, emotionally and physically. I can already sense enormous changes as the human experiment moves into 2017 and I am resolved to connect more and struggle less with each passing day. Without relinquishing my personal values, I intend to navigate the waters ahead, as best I can, with a don’t-know-mind, using my iPhone to stay connected to myself and the global mobile art community I so love.


Image – “This Planet Is Not Our Property” ©Meri Walker

Vanessa Vox

Taking photos and post processing them is my great passion. Yesterday, today, tomorrow— it makes no difference. But 2016 was mainly a ‘video year’ which included also being occupied with music apps. All three genre— photography, video and music— are really fascinating and open the doors to very different worlds.

Looking back at 2016 I’m very honoured that some of my experimental mobile movies were screened in different venues and festivals around the world. Another interesting and exciting experience was to be part of the beta tester team of LumaFusion, which is a new and absolutely state of the art video editing IOS-app coming soon.

My vision for 2017 is to stay engaged in my creative flow. Which means keeping an open mind. Being faithful to my values. Living a colourful life. Accepting the perpetual change. Expressing the variety of creativity. Taking care of the very moment and never neglecting the things I love.

A big THANK YOU to Joanne Carter for her engagement and her passion for the mobile art and artists.


‘Lucid Dreaming’ ©Vanessa Vox

Elsa Brenner

I am constantly striving to improve my craft, and in 2017 I hope to focus on learning one of my favorite apps, Mextures, inside out so that I can obtain the wonderful moods in my images that it is capable of producing.

This image is an example of the kind of feelings that Mextures can produce. It is a whimsical, maybe even magical and happy image that is little like looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. Considering all the sadness and violence we have witnessed in 2016, it is my way of ameliorating at least some of the ugliness and cruelty that dominates the news. Learning the in’s and out’s of Mextures, which I think is a complex and beautiful app, is my small way of dealing with some of the current harsh realities we face.


Image ©Elsa Brenner

Eliza Badoiu

Dearest Joanne, and also beloved AppWhisperer community, this time of the year we come closer to celebrating and enjoying the peace and joy of the magical holidays,,, and as we do so I come to actually realize how lucky I am to have the chance of addressing myself to you!

I have grown so much this past year in terms of my artistic, photographic journey. I have been participating in many events, shows and showcases and I can only be thrilled with excitement ’bout it. What keeps me motivated is not the  being selected into these events but having you as part of the feedback and support.

Therefore I couldn’t ask more for the year to come as I know how connected we are inside this wonderful community, how lucky we are to have met and how fulfilled we feel inside when we share our artistic experience and expressions.

I wish to stay healthy and in good spirits, to love and embrace everything that comes my way , to laugh , to scream whenever I feel the urge of it, to reconsider what’s really important!
Not only do I wish it for myself but for all of you lovely,  talented friends.

We are all beautiful and my resolution for next year would be to have the slightest of chances of meeting and gathering in one big , miraculous event related to the thing that we love , mobilephone photography or iphoneography.

Joanne you are simply amazing , I cherish your friendship and your efforts to promote our art! You are in my good thoughts and vibes daily.

Love you all!
To us in 2017!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Image ©Eliza Badoiu

Ale Di Gangi

My photographic resolutions for the new year:

1 – As granted as this might sound: I will keep shooting photographs. I will keep getting better at it. Also due to daily life-related challenges, during the second half of 2016 this has been feeling hard and harder by the day. I promise I will keep shooting even in the face of adversities.

2 – I will keep shooting mobile photographs. Possible reasons that prevented me from shooting as much as I’d expected during 2016:

– too many new apps around made it hard to keep my focus on techniques and ways to achieve the results I wanted;
– as I see it, Hipstamatic has become an unusable piece of sh*t. A tremendous disappointment. I have evidence that saying this publicly has damaged me and my presence on a few websites/entourages/communities, but still I find this to be true and I will not stop thinking so until the situation actually changes [consider this an addendum resolution if you will];
– it is quite possible that I have reached some peak in my “style” and now I need to find a new eye, new subjects and angles to frame. I am still investigating on this and will not stop doing so.

3 – I will keep using as many techniques as I’ll see fit and I will never feel guilty about this.

4 – Instant analog (Polaroid, Instax, Impossible, Fuji, Lomography), 35mm/120 film, mobile. In no order. I will certainly not shy away from using all of them, all of the time, according to mood and need.

5 – I will keep my soul true to a low-fi attitude as possible; I will not let seductive new technologies guide my choices and steps. Not too much, anyway 😉

[email protected]

“Ho visto la Madonna” (I have seen Our Lady) ©Ale Di Gangi  – Taken Sept. 2016 in Sicily using an iPhone 6s, edited using VSCO A1, preset + Snapseed

M J Stone

Timing is Everything

Navigating a digital age
Momentum races forward
Faster than the speed of light
Time unrolls away from us
Maturing like wine
Patient and still
I stand on the brink
Of an uncertain beginning,
Focused on realising
A more authentic version
Of my ever-awakening self


Image ©MJ Stone

Brett Chenoweth

In 2017 I would like to rediscover the joy of making.

Sometime along the 2016 path, creatively speaking, I got lost in my head… analysing, thinking too much, becoming uber critical, which in turn led me to try too hard. This sort of thing happens, these crisis of meaning, but they suck the marrow out of my creativity, out of the joy of creating. So it’s time too cut through the noise and simply shut up and make stuff. Take more photos and see what comes next. Perhaps I will find that something will grow out of 2016’s internal cacophony.
Happy New Year to all of you!


“Cacophony (empty chair #2)” ©Brett Chenoweth

Sean Hayes

January. Strive to make* great photography.
February.  Strive to make great photography.
March. Strive to make great photography.
April. Strive to make great photography.
May. Strive to make great photography.
June. Strive to make great photography.
July. Strive to make great photography.
August. Strive to make great photography on my holidays.
September. Strive to make great photography.
October. Strive to make great photography.
November. Strive to make great photography.
December. Strive to make great photography.

• “You don’t take a photograph  you make it”  Ansel Adams

I owe a debt of gratitude to the global mobile community who have consistently supported me and my mobile photography work since 2010. Your encouragement gave me the courage and confidence to continue the ceaseless pursuit of the perfect image. This perpetual pursuit resulted in taking the plunge and becoming a full-time professional photographer in July of 2016. Thank you. You know who you are. Thanks to the community, I am now enjoying a new creative lease on life.

Hopefully, in my own small way, I have been equally supportive of the myriad talents around the mobile photography world. Happy New Year to you all and let’s keep striving for that elusive perfect image.


Image – “Morskie Oko. Zakopane. Poland. October 2016” ©Sean Hayes. Shot with a n LGG4 and processed with Snapseed and IG filters.

Lee Atwell

In the past I have been inspired by Rumi’s quote – “When all your desire’s are distilled, you will cast just two votes – to love more and be happy.”

I think of that quote as inspiration as we enter into 2017. That, and spending more time on my computer organising my photos into albums preparing some of my images to be both printed as well as archived into books.

There is something magical about seeing and holding photos that are tangible and out of the realm of the computer screen.

I am grateful for the community we share here – heartfelt thank you, Joanne!


Image ©Lee Atwell

Barbara DuBois

Resolution:  Love More.  Dream Bigger.  Be of Service.

Contact – Barbara Coleman duBois on Facebook

“When you’re thinking of me, I’m dreaming of you” ©Barbara duBois

Kristie Benoit

Making New Years resolutions has never been my thing. I figure, if you want to achieve something, you should just go out and do it. We don’t need the end of a year and beginning of a new one, to decide what goals we would like to accomplish. With that being said, when Joanne Carter asked if I would do some, I couldn’t say no. The App Whisperer has been a huge part of my creative exposure over the years, and I have come to meet some truly wonderful and creative artists because of it. My goals for 2017 are to explore more, take more pictures, learn new editing techniques, and to keep discovering my ever evolving being through my self portraiture work.  2016 has has been a combination of highs and lows and everything in between. It’s been a learning experience every step of the way, and I welcome 2017 with open arms! Cheers to all and best in the New Year!

Instagram: kristie_michele_art
Flickr: Kristie_Michele_Art
Facebook: Kristie Michele Art

Image ©Kristie Benoit

Anthony Ginns

2016 was a year of great loss & upheaval, which literally stopped my photographic pursuits dead in it’s track!

But it was a triumphant year in other ways. I gained a delightful new partner, daughter, a new house in the Blue Mountains, and won a 7 year long legal stoush!

I’m not one for New Years resolutions, but after dealing with all the recent anguish, I begin 2017 resolute not to let the trials & tribulations of life get in the way of my true passion, photography.

There will also be a resumption of posting photos online, as well as the undertaking of more conceptual based projects in 2017.

The image I’ve chosen is in memory of all the loved ones lost in 2016.

Lilies suggest that the soul of the deceased has returned to a peaceful state of innocence.
In loving memory of Elizabeth(Mum), Ian(friend), Misty(kitten) & Soozie(cat).


Image : ‘Peace lily’ ©Anthony Ginns – Blue Mountains, Australia

Allyson Marie

New Years resolutions for 2017, I am resolving to give more, to those in need. Doing so truly fills my heart. I also made so much headway towards getting my art out there and noticed, I’m hoping for more opportunities to seize in 2017. Having my own gallery is also closer to a reality, that is something I will pursue further and hope to involve my fellow artists. I want to keep growing and learning. Saying good bye to 2016 is bittersweet, so many heartfelt losses, and so many things to celebrate.

Much love in the new year.

Contact info :
IG accounts
Twitter: allysonmar1e
Facebook :
brooklyndragonfly imagery

Image ©Allyson Marie

Marguerite Khoury

Although I’m not one for resolutions I think it’s important for people to set goals.  There’s always room for improving ones self.  Last year I made resolution involving my mobile art and I’m delighted to say I feel I fulfilled them.  This year I don’t have any resolutions.  I will continue to bring you who I am through my art.  I’ve developed a recognisable signature and don’t plan on changing it.  I only wish for myself to strengthen my networking with other artists and perhaps have my art recognised by more.  Thank you Joanne.  Wishing you and theappwhisperer a prosperous New Year.


Image ©Marguerite Khoury

Edward Santos



Benamon Tame

When setting out my intentions for the year I am always building on the last, projects un-started and un-finished. I have spent some time away from photography in 2016 to work in other mediums and writing for the Lost Toy Room Project, 2017 should be a return to my cameras and work to complete my next Lost Toy Room book, Babel and Celeste, as well as starting on another group within the room, The Wilder Ones.

I have plans for some collaborations with my sister who is also a photographer.

I am resolved to enjoy 2017, my time away has given me chance to recharge and regain my sense of discovery, not to worry about where the image might go, just to see it, explore it and see where it leads.

[email protected]

Image ©Benamon Tame

Karen Axelrad

I wanted to start with resolving to get more organised and stop procrastinating. But then I read: “The most creative people are procrastinators, in other words, because they know the most original ideas aren’t the first ones they come up with. To arrive at something truly unique, you always need the slow and sometimes frustrating ingredient of time.” (psychologist Adam Grant). I think that is true–start with an idea for a project and let it ruminate, and it will automatically take new, and perhaps unexpected directions.

In  2017:
Use some of the many apps I have–learn new skills and throw out the least useful apps.
Do a serious black and white street photo series, because I think that is where my real strength lies.
Continue to experiment with color and creativity (even when the results are frustrating).
Do some regular work with refugees.
And I will most likely be demonstrating in front of the US embassy again.
Finally, a huge thanks to Joanne Carter and her team of curators for nurturing this wonderfully creative, constructive, warm-hearted, international community.

Twitter: @karenaxe

Image : ‘Anomaly’ – ©Karen Axelrad, Jerusalem 2016

Carlos Austin

I will continue to explore ways to express the world surrounding me through mobile photography while using the new tools that are developed, such as: better cameras and processors in devices; a wonderful array of old and new applications created by clever developers that help tell my story; and the continued progression of new Social Media. I would like to be an evangelist for mobile devices, helping educate new users to the endless possibilities they carry around day to day whether it be a phone or tablet.

Thank you for thinking of me.

Contact: Facebook

Image ©Carlos Austin

Jennifer Thomas

I keep trying to write my New Year’s resolutions with a positive and uplifting message, but in truth it’s very hard and ends up sounding trite and superficial. It’s been a hard year for many of us.

I will say though, that I hope to continue working in London with the flourishing mobile photography community and enjoying wonderful meetups full of inspiration and good friendship. I think that’s the best I can ask for as the year’s end fast approaches.

With regards to the image I have chosen to attach to this message, it is one of the last afternoon light on a beautiful Romanesque bell tower here in Uzes, which is a little piece of paradise on this crazy earth.

Sending love and goodwill to dear friends around the globe and let’s hope 2017 is a far better year than 2016.

Jennifer Thomas

Image: ‘Castles in the Sky. Uzes, France’ ©Jennifer Thomas

Diana Nicholette Jeon

First, I want to thank Joanne for again giving me this opportunity to reflect on where I have been and where I am going, and for everything she does for us all through the year, every year.

As 2016 draws to a close, I see that I not only met, but exceed, my stated goals. I stated that wanted to make less new work that was stand alone and instead flesh out portfolios suitable for exhibition. To reach those goals was a TON of work. I took a large number of face to face and online classes and workshops – both technical and portfolio making and marketing- to help push my career and my work forward. I fully redid a 15 year-old website. I went to my first portfolio review (other than that thing called art school, which is a daily portfolio review for the entire time there!)

I had some disappointments, which are to be expected in an artistʼs life, though highly painful nonetheless. More so, I had a lot of success…for which I am grateful beyond belief. I exhibited in a whopping 26 exhibitions all over the world this past year. The state of HI purchased another work of mine from an exhibition, bringing the number to three of my works in the museum collection here.

For the first time ever, I applied for and got a fully funded artistʼs residency. I will be venturing to the boonies of OR, to PLAYA at Summerlake, to spend the month of March with no distraction, little internet access and focused on creating work. And, lastly, I won a lot of awards–12 to be exact. I had an inkling that working with focus would bring results, but to have won nine international and three local awards blew me away.

Given all this, my goals are to do the exact same thing this year – to focus strictly on work that is meaningful to me, to push myself to grow, to push my work further into the world. Perhaps the most important thing I will do this year is not directly related to my art, though. In order to preserve freedoms for all artists and all peoples in the US, I feel that it will be more important than ever for me to work to prevent the ideology of the new president electʼs agenda from gaining traction. I am not sure what my contribution will be yet, whether it will be art that forces the viewer to confront what is happening, or helping by calling and fund-raising, but I know that if I want my children and step-children to live in a world with opportunity and a planet that is viable, I need to do something, and now, not later. I wish everyone good tidings for their own most creative year ever, no matter where the path leads them. Happy New Year and only the best to everyone in 2017 (regardless of for whom you voted.)


“Socially Speaking: Hat” ©Diana Nicholette Jeon

Connie Gardner Rosenthal

My resolution hasn’t really changed much since I discovered the iPhone camera and its apps.  My resolution is about growing and learning….learning how to see better, learning how to make more meaningful photographs, learning how to edit more creatively, and learning how to take more risks. Generally I want to continue growing at being the best photographer I can be.

Instagram: @congarose

Image ©Connie Gardner Rosenthal

Tuba Korhan

Last year and the previous one were very difficult and challenging for me as my private life is concerned. I have already fallen behind my plans and my earlier resolutions. Now I can say that from time to time unexpected things may always happen and priorities may change but the important thing for me is to position myself to move once more in the direction of my goals. So my new year resolutions for 2017 are to plan working on some photo projects and series and being more productive.

I want my work to be recognised not only in mobile communities but also in other art based platforms. I think our mobile phones/tablets have already proved themselves as creative tools in many fields. On the other hand, a new iPad would be good too for the new photo projects.

I hope all negatives and difficulties would come to an end this year, and 2017 would bring peace and joy to our world, I wish a happy and creative New Year to all of us.

“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”  ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Image – ‘Weeping Fairies’ – ©Tuba Korhan

Cheryl Townsend

My resolution for 2017 (and I hope it wasn’t the same as last year’s) is to start working on books of photography.  I have been toying (pun intended) with the idea of doing Barbie story books.  I have been avidly hitting up Goodwills, garage sales an FreeCycles in hopes of scoring scenery, accessories and fun props to create my sets and playing (again, pun intended) with the tales that will wrap them into existence.  I had been doing a series of “portraits” that utilised the ever increasing surplus of dolls I have and received some favorable response in various exhibits they partook of, so it just seemed to follow suit that I would encompass the whole Barbie thing into books, both for children and adult. I, of course, would not use the “Barbie” name, nor rely entirely on their trademarked dolls.  Instead I would diversify and unify and just have more fun than I ever did as a child, initially playing with these icons of womanish fantasy.


Image ©Cheryl Townsend

Debara Splendorio

Being near the water always brought me great joy when I was a young girl. It still does today. Yet somehow over the years I’ve lost touch with that innocent and joyful girl and replaced her with a critical inner voice. So I created this image as a reminder to “be kind to myself”. That is my mantra for 2017.

The 9 year old me in this image is from an old family photograph taken on a summer fishing vacation in Canada. I clearly remember that day, dragging my hand through the cold water as my father let my younger brother steer the boat. It was mesmerising.

So in 2017, with compassion and love in my heart, I’m going to turn off that voice in my head and release those old stories and beliefs that cripple my creativity. I’m going to love, nourish and be kind to myself, become my own nurturing parent. As my sister once said to me ” it’s never to late to have a happy childhood”. I’m going to create freely and not overthink it.


Image – ©Debara Splendorio

Amy Leibrand

What a nutty year! 2016 was absolutely bananas and it is reflected in my work. I bounced from idea to idea, reworked old work, created new work unlike my previous work (no post-processing, whaaat?!), broke a few cheap plastic cameras, and dove into conceptual art. Looking back at my 2016 resolution to discover new-to-me mobile apps, well, uh, I failed miserably. In fact, I had a phone mishap and lost most my apps. Oops.

In 2017, I have a challenge. This challenge is to push myself beyond what is comfortable for myself and for the audience. Create work that I don’t recognise as my own. Surprise all of us. I want to break out of my box. My familiar and comfortable box. I want to stretch past the boundary of the ordinary. Whatever that means. I don’t know yet. This might be like searching for the Yeti. Does the unexpected even exist?

Thank you, Joanne, for all your work throughout the year and for including me here. Wishing all a Happy New Year!

IG: @_thisspace_

Image: “Richard, I’m Ready for My Close-up” – ©Amy Leibrand

Andrew B White

I think many people will be glad to see the back of 2016 for a number of reasons, the loss of some prominent musical artists and the state of the political landscape being two major ones.

Although these things also affected me deeply, I still found 2016 to be a very productive and positive year, especially with my photography.

In 2016 I continued to fine-tune my street photography skills to the point where the majority of my work now takes place on the street. I have become comfortable with photographing people and I’m no longer afraid of getting right into the action. I’ve also developed particular techniques that work for me when photographing the street with the iPhone which allow me to get great shots. I have continued to photograph landscapes, nature and architecturally-focused work, the latter of which I have finally found a name for; apparently it is called “urban geometry” and it pretty much sums up my approach to to shooting architecture. If you are interested in the term I encourage you to read this article at the Phoblographer:

For the last few years my work has been free of filters or specialty apps that affect the image and 2016 was no different. This is because the type of street photography I do does not lend itself to esoteric filtering (although I will experiment with filters on architectural work from time-to-time). I shoot with one or two camera apps and generally only use a single app for post-production (for cropping, contrast, exposure etc). In other words, my process is quite simple.

In 2016 I was also able to print, fame and show my work at several exhibitions in New York City. These range from a curated group show, a free-for-all salon and my own solo show. All of these proved invaluable for learning the processes of selecting which works to show, optimising iPhone photos for physical printing, framing and pricing. It was very interesting to see reactions to the works which were not labeled as having been “shot on an iPhone”. People simply appreciated the works as photographs foremost. If they did ask what they were shot on there were no negative reactions or questioning of prices because the works were from an iPhone. I think this illustrates that we have come a long way from early days of mobile photography being a bit of a novelty. Obviously there is still a prejudice from a certain part of the photographic community that does not accept mobile work as a legitimate form of photography. On that note, as dedicated mobile photographers we still face limitations with our devices, when compared to some standalone cameras, and I still toy with the idea of moving over to a DSLR or mirrorless to expand my photographic scope. However, every time I think about the beauty of mobile photography I find it hard to justify the expense and workflow that a ‘regular camera’ involves i.e. battery life, memory cards, lenses, physical size etc. There are trade-offs with both platforms but currently mobile still suits my creative needs best.

Every year in this column I mention the movement of technology and 2016 was no exception. I recently moved up to the iPhone 7 Plus and its dual cameras and improved optics have given me more creative options and a noticeable improvement in the quality of my images. While still not on the same level as a fully-fledged DSLR (yet), camera phones continue to steadily advance. As always ’ll be looking forward to September 2017 and what the next generation of iPhone will offer me as a photographer!
So, what to expect for 2017? I’ll be continuing to shoot more street and whatever comes my way, set up collaborations for more conceptual works, shoot more mobile video and to print and exhibit my work as much as possible. I also believe 2017 will present mobile photographers with opportunities to document the many political and social issues we may face, and to become a vital and independent voice in the process.

Wishing all of you in the community well, and may 2017 be a creative and fulfilling year!


Image ©Andrew B White

Rob Pearson-Wright

In 2017 I’d like to travel more. Both near and far. To find new places to explore and seek new perspectives. Also to bring fresh ideas to the surface and explore new themes and projects. Best wishes for 2017 to you Joanne and all in the mobile photo/art community.
Love and peace.


Image – ©Rob Pearson-Wright

Petyr Campos


Tania Konnerth

2016 was a relatively quiet year concerning my photography. Live took over and did not let me much time and space for any serious creative activity. So my one and only resolution for 2017 for my photography is to get going again and to dive deeply into my creative possibilities again. I am so looking forward to it!


Image ©Tania Konnerth

Gillian Brodie

The world we find ourselves in at the close of 2016 is a very different place to the world at the start of 2016. It’s hard to comprehend some of the events of the past year, and hard not to succumb to fear of what lies ahead.

Many of us are trying to take refuge, and rise above, through our art.

So my resolution is to remain positive – to nurture supportive & likeminded friendships both online and off – and, in the words of the incredible Carolyn Hall Young, to “wage peace through art”


Image – ©Gillian Brodie

Paula Betlem

We are all broken,
That’s how the light gets in

-Ernest Hemingway-

2016 started for me with a great loss and sorrow.

My world turned black and I tried to fight it for months with hard work, travelling running… going out…. Every time when I met myself again, the darkness hit me right in the face.

I decided not to resist anymore, to be silent and let my eyes get used to it.

I saw people reaching out for me, listening, understanding without judging and realised there is still so much to be grateful for.

And I am not the only one.

In this past year with so much war and violence, also in my city , many people go through hard times, are struggling to get out of the dark and I would like to stop and think of them.

In 2017 I will not be able to save the world, but I can be kind. And I will not be able to make every day beautiful, but I can try to see the beauty of every day and be grateful.

[email protected]
Image ©Paula Betlem

Dani Salvadori

I had two major resolutions for 2016: to do more video and to learn to use my new big camera for landscape photography. I achieved them both, and also learnt to use the big camera for street photography too. My high spot was my howl-of-rage video at the Brexit referendum being shown on a huge screen in downtown Denver in the Supernova Festival.

For 2017 I’d like to make more videos and also finally make a website as I don’t have any one place to show my work.

I’ve chosen an image from a landscape photography trip I took to the Palouse in eastern Washington state – an extraordinary place with views like this around every corner.

Image – ©Dani Salvadori

Stefanie LePape

I do not make resolutions for a new year. I do however appreciate new beginnings.

My goal is to illuminate more. To highlight this in my work. There’s a lot of darkness in the world. Ive got my own nightmares to contend with.  Sharing my visual take on it might serve as a catalyst for some who can relate. However …I would prefer to produce/share light esoterically for the few who look and see.

Is this a resolution. Yes. Will I realize it? I sure hope so.


Image ©Stefannie LePape

Jill Lian

2016 was a great year of achievement for me. Apple chose my snowflake photo for their ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign. It was such a fantastic adventure!

In 2017, I plan to increase my time spent behind the camera.

I find such joy in discovering new details in nature.

I still find it immensely relaxing to lose myself in the macro view of everyday objects.
A quote that I find very apropos by Robert Capa, ” If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough”.

Instagram- jilllian2
Flickr- jilllian2
Twitter- jillllian2

Image: ©Jill Lian

Yoni Mayeri

My resolution is to focus on love. By this I mean doing what I love, being with those I love, giving to causes I love, and sharing love with others.


Image ©Yoni Mayeri

Elaine Taylor

I have only dipped my toes in the waters of the resolutions I’ve made over the past couple of years in terms of my mobile photography.

I wanted to be more confident in my abilities as a mobile photographer and in even referring to myself as such – I have made some steps towards that. Just some.

I wanted to ‘get out there’ more in terms of sharing my work – not sure I’ve made too many changes there.

I wanted to be more organised in how I manage and store my images – no progress. I’m still dreadful at it. Really rather dreadful.

I wanted to be more adventurous in the range of subject matter I shoot – I have definitely made progress there. I have dabbled with street, still life and landscape. BUT, I still rarely share images that don’t include my children, because that’s a subject matter I am very comfortable with (and perhaps loyal to).

So, my resolutions for 2017?

To revisit those things mentioned above, and to push myself forward and out of my comfort zone in doing so. To shoot and share more. To bring to life the blog I set up months ago, which lies dormant and empty. And through it, to confidently and unashamedly share more of my life through my iPhone.

Image ©Elaine Taylor

Gummy Sangkamee

My new year’s resolutions for 2017 is to enjoy my favorites apps : artsetpro, Procreate, iColorama, Hipstamatic. I plan to travel with my iPad do outdoor painting. Paint landscape and portraits. And take photos with Hipstamatic then edit combine the images until I like  it. That is my happiness.
With love, and happy New Years to everyone, Wanphen Sangkamee

[email protected]
©Gummy Sangkamee

Christine o’ Sobczak

As I end this year of twenty sixteen, my images have been divided between my “Star Girls” and tablescapes. I have let it flow and that is what has happened.

There are so many things that I could resolve to do in 2017. However, I will just choose to let the images happen. And if they should appear to not belong into a perfect category, I will just let it be…I will allow my subconscious to be my guide …

Thank you, dear Joanne for allowing me to participate in this delightful event.

I am always charmed by what I have seen and what I have read from the image makers every year.

Images ©Christine o’Sobczak

Cindy Buske

This year my resolution is oddly to move away from photography for a bit in the hopes of coming back to it with a different perspective. We all reach places of rut, block or stagnation. Partly to move through such feelings, and partly to grow, I’ll be turning my attention to a few new forms of expression – dance and performance. Growth for me happens when I’m learning – stretched out of my comfort zone – and it always translates to multiple areas of life.
Image ©Cindy Buske

Armineh Hovanesian

New Year Resolutions for 2017

Looking back at my goals in the beginning of 2016, I’m happy to say that I managed to do most I had listed: Get back to yoga and meditation, check; Leave expectations at the door, double check; Stop settling, check; Respect my own privacy, triple check; Better my communication skills, check; Travel, check.  My dream of playing the piano again will have to take back-burner for a while but I hope to manage to check it off my list before it’s my turn to leave this planet!

It’s easy to set goals however it’s a challenge to actually reach them.  Regardless, I am not deterred by the obstacles and plan on accomplishing the following:

• Get better at night photography
• Work more with my DSLR camera and be more confident with it as I have done with my mobile photography
• Learn and work more with videos
• Work on special portraiture series for sale
• Meet more of my mobile community artists (if possible)
• Moving to a smaller dwelling has taught me to let go of “stuff”!  I hope to learn to simplify my life
• Keep practicing my Farsi, French and Portuguese skills
• Learn to cook more recipes

2016 was a year filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The achievements I attained as a photographer were the highs specially being part of the 4th Berlin Foto Biennale and being chosen the Mobile Photographer of the Year by Lumiere Awards nevertheless losing friends and people I admired were the lows. The experience of the emotions were like a hurricane, a tempest, a wild rollercoaster ride!  Fortunately, I managed to hold on and now have more resilience than I have ever had.

My sincere and heartfelt thanks to Joanne for inviting me to participate and share my new year resolutions for 2017.  I truly hope, from the bottom of my heart, that 2017 will be much better year than 2016.

Image ©Armineh Hovanesian

Keisuke Takahashi

Thank you very much for the opportunity to think about a new year resolution.

5 years has passed since I started photography with iPhone and I already found what kind of photographer I am, Probably It’s good time to bring a new idea to improve my photography.

So, I held my first solo exhibition on 2016 and I’ll hold new solo exhibition on 2017 too. I wish I could make it much more better than the last time.

Hope you’ll enjoy and improve your photography on 2017.

Image ©Keisuke Takahashi

Shirley Drevich

During the US presidential campaign I began working on a new series of images photographing the coat my mother received after WWII. She wore it while she made plans to rebuild her life, she wore it when she met my father, she wore it after she gave birth to her first child in a US Displaced Persons Camp in Germany, she wore it on her ocean journey from Germany to Ellis Island past the Statue of Liberty and carried it with her on the train to Miami, FL in April of 1949.  I have numerous old photos taken of her in Germany wearing it. The coat has become a metaphor for freedom, liberation and immigration.  I have held on to it for all these years, not realising the significance it would have on my artwork at this time in my life.  I am first generation American born on Miami Beach and born free in the USA.  I took my freedoms and democracy for granted.  It is my resolution to step up, be vigilant and speak out for human rights and to continue work on my story expressed through photos of the coat, the old pictures, archived immigration documents and my father’s writings of eye witness accounts of the atrocities he saw during his internment.  I am beginning to learn Leonardo and other apps to help me create this project. Just as importantly, I also resolve to continue to capture and appreciate the natural beauty I see and to continue to find solace in nature. Peace in the world in 2017 and always in all ways.

Image ©Shirley Drevich

David Ingraham

My New Year’s resolution is to spend way less time on social media and way more time reading books. And speaking of books, I’m hoping to finally get my first photography book completed and published before the year is up.


“Imagination is the Eye of the Soul” – ©David Ingraham

Adrienne Parks

Inspired by our dear friend Carolyn Hall Young, I intend to keep alive her effervescent spirit in my art and professional life. Her altruism and kindness has inspired me greatly.

With great admiration,



Image “Tomorrow belongs to the Future” ©Adrienne Parks

Rad Drew

Thank you, Joanne, for inviting me once again to participate in this year’s traditional New Year’s Resolutions from Around the World! Thank you for continuing to grow this wonderful The App Whisperer! community which nurtures and inspires iPhone artists around the world.

2016 was my second full year as a fulltime photographer and I’m starting to see my business and my photography mature together. Last year I resolved to …

“….build on my 2015 accomplishments, and to continue to teach, lead photo tours to fascinating places around the world, and expand my repertoire of skills with the iPhone as well as other cameras and processing methods so that I can be a better teacher.”

Happily, I progressed toward those goals in 2016. I attended a number of workshops for my continued learning, I led tours to the South of France, Cuba, and throughout the U.S. that were gratifying from a teaching perspective and photographic experience as well. Through these workshops (many of which I’ll repeat in 2016) I’ve had the opportunity to share what I know and to be inspired by the creative spirits of the people I’ve met through my workshops and tours.

Now, entering my third year as a full-time photographer, I again, plan to continue to build on my accomplishments from 2016.

My resolutions for the coming year include:

• Continuing to learn and grow as a photographer, particularly exploring the art of portraiture
• Further developing my skills as a teacher to provide richer learning experiences for those interested in growing their skills
• Taking advantage of the convenience of technology for teaching purposes and to make learning accessible to people no matter where they are in the world. (I’m just launching a 5-session webinar series for iPhoneographers called HOW I DID IT! In each session I’ll share step-by-step how to create different looks for one’s art.)
• Creating more documentary photography of the people I meet in my travels and write more about the total photography experience. We photographers are storytellers, right? Why not combine photography with words to tell that story more fully?
• Developing a successful series in my new capacity as a columnist for the photography site, Luminous Landscapes. I’ll be writing a regular column about iPhone photography and look forward to sharing through this well respected and prestigious photographer’s resource.

Thank you for wishing me luck with my 2016 resolutions and to all of you a creative, fulfilling, and prosperous New Year!

Image “Cuban Dancer” ©Rad Drew

Cecily Caceu

Thank you so much for inviting me and I wish you all the best for 2017.

My resolutions are very simple :

Seek knowledge from a variety of sources, stay curious, keep feeding my creativity through photography and other art forums, protect the Earth fiercely and stand up for those who are underserved.

Image ©Cecily Caceu

Riel Noir

‘Walk alone’ signifies how I too often feel.

For those who follow me you will know that last year I concentrated on getting my Vegan pizzas to market,, moved home and begun driving lessons,… participated in two group exhibitions as well as the solo exhibition that is still running now.

This year I would like to bring these different aspects of my life together, to create a sense of Wholeness which interrelates my business & private life, and in turn, create a space for greater success and expansion in said areas.

Image “Walk Alone” ©Riel Noir

Ile Mont

Last year was a very troubled and sad year for me. So I guess this year I just want to focus on doing art to heal my soul and enlighten my creativity. I want to be very present to my loved ones, family and friends, and just keep it very meaningful in everything that I do.

Wishing you all a very happy 2017 filled with health and joy.

Image ©Ile Mont

Lorenka Campos

The year 2016 has been a rough ride for me.  I’ve tried to pour my emotions into my art and I must say, it is what keeps me halfway sane sometimes. I’ve had a pretty good year artistically and have met some great artists along the way.  I believe my resolution for 2016 was to write and illustrate a book, or at least start it, but that didn’t happen, big surprise! This coming up year will be an adventure I’m sure. I plan to quit my day job, move across country, and devote more time to my art. So, my resolution is the same as last year, I hope to write a book that will be dedicated to my daughter Abbey.  I wish everyone a very happy new year. Love, Lorenka

Image ©Lorenka Campos

Jane Schultz

2016 brought challenges, some that changed my life for the better and some for worse. I suspect 2017 will bring even more. And so, I resolve to not become complacent, to be here now and not dwell in futures compromised, and to keep calm and carry on. Thank you Joanne and Happy New Year and Best Wishes to you all. x

Image ©Jane Schultz

Gina Costa

My resolution for 2017 is one which focuses less on my own capturing and editing of mobile photos (which I will of course do!) and focuses more on helping educate and inspire people who are still on the “dark side” of the possibilities that mobile technology offers their photographic vision and practice. I have found that I can best share my passion for mobile photography by teaching, leading meet ups, and helping raise the visibility of this practice that finally is gaining acceptance as a legitimate art form. My thanks to the amazing Joanne Carter who is a heroic champion for the mobile photography. Where would we be without her???  Heartfelt thanks Joanne, your dedication, inspiration, and leadership are remarkable.

‘Piazza Cavour, Naples, Italy 2016’ ©Gina Costa

Louise Whiting

My New Years Resolution for 2017 with regards to my mobile photography is that I want to get back to what I love the most, black and white photography.

2016 has been a very experimental year, I’ve tried many different ways of editing, I’ve created artwork which I’ve found really difficult, frustrating and extremely time consuming. I also feel as though I haven’t been true to myself creatively, studying tutorials isn’t me, I want to concentrate on what comes naturally. It’s been a learning curve and you have to try these things in order to find what you really have a passion for. I’m ditching all my fan dangled apps and just want to keep things simple!

Image ©Louise Whiting

Victoria Cooper

My first resolution is to wish you and all of your followers a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  As for myself, I am resolved to continue to pursue my art and in doing so continue to explore my evolving voice as it develops aesthetically, spiritually and politically specifically through my use of mobile art and photography. I suppose to some this does not sound like much of a resolution, but it’s what I hope for and is satisfactory to my needs.  May you find joy and growth through your art through out the coming year.

Image ©Vicki Cooper

Alix Carmichele

I opened my little eclectic shop at the end of 2015, it’s a small but beautiful space where I can show case my photographic work as well as the hand crafted pieces I make. I’ve spent the last year working on and promoting my space and hardly found the time to take a decent image for myself or to share on line…

I’m not terribly loyal to resolutions, but have come to realize that the world needs more humanity and empathy and if you are on the side of life then that’s better, just saying!

I’m Planning to shoot and edit a short sexy advert for my hand crafted moccasins on the iPad (so watch this space) and I intend on taking a lot more pictures of the life in this crazy little town at the southern tip of Africa!

Image ©Alix Carmichele

Giulia Baita

I am so thankful to 2016 for all I have learned and how I improved in this year. I am grateful to the friends who accompanied me, who have loved my art and they gave me their support. There are people, artists, who know me for several years and they know what I have produced in terms of photography, art, movies. I am thankfull  to have these people around me.

About 2017, I propose to make my art more professional. I will organize an art exhibition and I hope this make me to know more to people. I have many ideas and many projects in mind. I’d like to work for a magazine or a publishing house. I’d like to continue my collaboration with the composer Jazz Marco Testoni, because producing movies together was very interesting and challenging for me.

Surely I will focus more on the art because this is the area that I love for so long. Art is a necessity for me, a passion, a way of being that is part of me. I think there is an art that characterizes me in colors and lines. And this taste for beauty, for harmony, for elegance, it is visible in my work. Thank you so much Joanne Carter for your outstanding work and for your soul so inspired. It was very important to me.

Image ©Giulia Baita

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  • Geri Centonze

    Thanks for including my resolution – I will take time to read through and listen to each one tomorrow. Looking forward to it! Wishing you blessings Joanne!

  • Bob Weil

    Joanne – Thank you for another wonderful year of dedication to the art of iPhoneography, and the artists and viewpoints you share with us day in and day out. Really wonderful being invited to be a part of this yearly review/look forward – many thanks for including me! All the best to you for the coming year – that it’s everything you hope it to be, on every level.