Mobile Photography – StreetWise – Ninth Challenge – ‘Animals on the Street’


Hello Everyone!

The theme of our next challenge is ‘Animals on the Street.’

“I try to frame in terms of what I want to include. I don’t think about pictures. When I photograph. I see life. That’s all there is – in my viewfinder.” Garry Winogrand

We hope you enjoy this theme as ‘streets’ and the animals that inhabit them are intimately connected. Whether the animals are domesticated, trained, loved and adored by their owners or birds maneuvering their way through the open air of the streets, they are an integral part of the urban landscape.
We are very excited to view your submissions each month and look forward to curating your photographs for this next ‘Animals on the Street’ showcase.

A recap of our rules and procedure for entry:

For the challenge please only post FOUR photographs to our Flickr challenge site on the link below, and in your title or description include ‘Animals on the Street.’

Please posts photos for our monthly showcase here:

We look forward to your photos

Images ©Lee Atwell and ©Ilana Buch-Akoundi

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