parallell ll perspectives With Catherine Restivo & JQ Gaines – Second Edition


We’re delighted to publish the second of Catherine Restivo’s and JQ Gaines’ ‘parallel ll perspectives’ column article with us. Parallel II perspectives is a collaborative space allowing both Catherine and JQ to creatively explore their impressions from passing glimpses of strangers, buildings or even objects, using the same image.

In this second article, we have created two separate screenshows of their images along with their own individual audio to demonstrate this entirely. We really hope you enjoy this wonderful column, many thanks to Catherine and JQ for their excellent work.

We have also included still images of each shot too with apps used and links to the app store incase you feel inspired to try some yourself.





Catherine Restivo’s Screenshow


JQ Gaines’ Screenshow


Catherine’s Still Images – Original


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Step 6


Step 8


Step 7


JQ’s Still Images – Original


Step 2



Imported into iColorama
Selected Filter #6 in the B&W menu

Step 3



Cropped in Filterstorm
Increased the resolution

Step 4



ProCreate App
Working in layers to add a border and clean up tones/lines

Step 5



Finished applying brushes, etc…. but feel that the image is way too dark.

Step 6



Reimported image into this app to punch it up a bit.

Step 7



Applied the “Wet Plate” filter under Photo Processes

Step 8



Completed Image
Finishing touches were done in ProCreate

4 thoughts on “parallell ll perspectives With Catherine Restivo & JQ Gaines – Second Edition”

  1. Once again well done you two! Oh JQ you had me literally laughing out loud with your confessions of struggle on this! What a great learning experience and one I know I’ll remember for future struggles I (will most definitely) have while working on an image. I love what you said about trying to see what wasn’t there . . . YES! Talk about an epiphany! I. Must. Remember. That.

    Great work ladies! I loved it! xo

  2. Thank you both so much for this great information, you are both champions. You are both helping my editing so much.


  3. What a joy and delight to listen to these 2 artists speak. Ive always wondered about the surfaces of Catherine’s work and am just so thrilled to be able to hear her talk through the process. Ok, off to get icolor and alt camera! Many thanks for the post and delightful format of this feature! xx Jen

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