Iris Photo Suite Update – Confused?


Yesterday we announced that Iris Photo Suite had (finally) been updated. We say ‘finally’ because this update has been nearly 12 months in the making and many users have voiced their frustrations over the past few months.

The new update brought with it, not just new features but also a new name – now known as Laminar Express/Pro. The reason for the new name is that the developer did not want to keep two separate lines of product that share a huge part of their functionality (Laminar was already available). The developers are focusing on Laminar for the year ahead.

We are aware that many users are reluctant to upgrade to Laminar as they feel it doesn’t have the full filter set of Iris. We have spoken with the developer to try and unravel and find out more about this issue and update. This is what he told us:

“Yes, the filters are more consistent with Laminar, compared to Iris. The majority of users, use a class of filters, rather than actual specific filters.ex: Vintage Filters.

We did receive a lot of feedback yesterday. A lot of users are happy with the update. and yes some are complaining about the filters. To those who had reached out to me personally, I have already replied back saying that I will try my level best to integrate the same in the next update”.

If you look back at the history of Iris, you will find that it was originally built to support the iPhone 3G, obviously all the software and hardware has improved since then. For the developer, by combining this product into one they can now put all their resources into one product.

You will also be aware that there are now two Laminar apps in the app store. Laminar Pro and Laminar Express. They are both identical, apart from the fact that the Pro version is a universal app, for both iPhone and iPad and the Express is limited to the iPhone at the moment.




2 thoughts on “Iris Photo Suite Update – Confused?”

  1. I have all of these apps both on my iphone and iPad. I usually use my iPad for processing so I still have Iris for iPad. Looks like I’m going to have to use Laminar more now. Not a problem…as Laminar is a great app…just learning new work flows. It would be nice to have the old filters back, but I do understand where he’s going with his apps.

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