Mob-Entrepreneurs – Jack Hollingsworth Cape Cod – Weekend Mobile Workshop, July 25-28


Jack Hollingsworth is running a weekend workshop of mobile photography from July 25-28 on Cape Cod. Jack knows this area like the back of his hand, born and raised there, he knows every crack and corner intimately.

This course will take place with three full days of shooting from sunrise to sunset each day. There will NOT be any formal classroom instruction although Jack will host a talk-through, on location, how he shoots and approach subjects.

Jack predicts to cover 3-5 key locations per day, with a solid 60-90 minutes per location to explore.

The workshop cost, for the three days will be $395.00 (not including your travel, hotel and food costs which would be on your own).

At the very least Jack expects you to walk away with a killer portfolio of mobile photography-including sunsets, sunrises, beach and landscapes, still life set-ups, street photography (Provincetown), landmarks, monuments, parks, portraits, resort and architecture.

You can find out more information about this course with the contact details and information below:

Jack Hollingsworth
Twitter – @photojack



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