TapFX, BrushFX, ColorManiaFX, WowFX HD – Temporarily Free


This is a great opportunity to pick up some cool apps from the developer Dropico. All these apps will help bring additional features to your photo editing. We’ve added the links below.

WowFX HD/download


1 thought on “TapFX, BrushFX, ColorManiaFX, WowFX HD – Temporarily Free”

  1. Wonderful apps … if they drop the number and price of the numerous in-app purchases.
    These app would be absolute winners if they did not have so many in-app purchases.
    I have bought all of them at one stage or another but never use them as seeing all of thej locked content is quite disconcerting.
    Even at free you are ging to need to spend money to make these apps worthwhile.
    I regret having purchased these apps.


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