The App Whisperer – Flickr Group Showcase – July 7, 2013


We have put together another very special Flickr group showcase , our twenty third of 2013 with some of our favorite images and some great new talent that have been uploaded to our Flickr group – Mobile Photography & Imagery, this week. The quality of submissions continues to rise, so we have decided to make our showcases that much bigger to incorporate as much of this stunning mobile art and photography as we can and to get it out to a wider audience.

Each image can be viewed on Flickr by clicking on the relevant artist below:

_Lna, Allison Pistohl, Fabio D’Andrea, o’Brendan, Tracey Renehan, Creo Humaniac, Cedric Blanchon, Patty Larson, Catherine Restivo, Melissa Vincent, RobinLDN, ...storrao, Takahumi Nakano, Paul Brown, Anne Highfield, Mohsen Chinehkesh, Cedric Blanchon, Maddy McCoy, Roger Guetta, Sharon LuVisi, MartinaP, Tracey Renehan, Chad Rankin, Tal Shafik, Jose Freitas, Photomikro, Noe Todorovich, Sharon LuVisi, Liz Traynor, Tess Gomm, Janine Graf, Louise Fryer, Michael, faithmichael, Jennifer Bracewell, Michelle Robinson, Mark Walton, Scott Woodward, Amo iPhoneography, Sarah Jarrett, Amy Holt, Brandon Smith, Lee Thatcher, Sacha Dohmen, Hassan Kiyany, Gianluca Ricoveri, David Booker/Blemished Eye, Roger B Clay, Lumilyon/Nettie Edwards, Sheldon Serkin, Elodie Hunting, Alain Goldfarb, John Mallon,

Music this week is:

Bouquet of Bach – Laura Sullivan
Revival – Fisher
Trojan Horse – Kurt Oldman





17 thoughts on “The App Whisperer – Flickr Group Showcase – July 7, 2013”

  1. Thanks so much for including me in this week’s wonderful images! Such an inspiring collection!

  2. I continue to be both shocked and so honored to discover that one of my images has been selected in your video montage; seeing that three of mine have been selected this week has sent me over the moon. But whenever I’m viewing these videos, I make mental notes on technique and artistry from the outstanding photographers that you showcase every week. Thank you, Joanne.

  3. Wonderful showcase as always, with so many beautiful and inspiring images; I’m very honoured to be included in it. Thanks Joanne for selecting my image, and for all the great work you do!

  4. Joanne, thanks a lot, I’m very much honored to be in your selection. Congrats to the other wonderful iphoeographers!

  5. Much gratitude for including my image and especially for your hard work in providing such wonderful resources for all of us!

  6. Thank you soooooo much for including my image amongst so much beauty! Some of these images really tugged on my heartstrings! xoxo

  7. Just now seeing this! (busy weekend) 😀 THANK YOU Joanne! Congrats everyone…honored to be amongst such talent.

  8. With the stimulating musical arrangements and fine imagery it’s difficult not to be moved by these showcases. Really special these features are…you definitely curate brilliantly.
    Thanks Joanne…❤
    Now I must go and try to find some of these lovelies …


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