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Welcome to our Photo App Lounge section of This is an area on our site where we ask highly accomplished mobile photographers what their top five photo apps are and why.

Last week we published the Top Five Photo Apps as recommended by Yannick Brice and Cedric Blanchon, today we’re pleased to publish our Columnist Sarah Jarrett’s Top Five Photo Apps including accompanying images demonstrating these selections.

This is a treat for many reasons, the choices, the images and the explanations, don’t miss this!


Number One – iColorama


‘Fluid’ – ©Sarah Jarrett


iColorama offers huge creative potential and a leap into the unknown. I have been experimenting with some of the brushes quite a lot recently in combination with Procreate and Superimpose. It can yield very unpredictable outcomes which is a joy for all curious experimenters like myself. Very interested to see how this app develops in the future.


Number Two – Procreate


‘The Longing’ – ©Sarah Jarrett


Procreate is one of my essential apps, again full of creative and intelligent potential. I use it for all the painting and drawing work I do with images. I find it straight forward to use and the tool kit is great, I like making my own brushes and experimenting with them. Very curious to see what the forthcoming big update will bring.


Number Three – Glaze


‘Punk Generation’ – ©Sarah Jarrett


Glaze has luscious, fluid painterly effects that I return to again and again. I never use the results on their own but often incorporate Glaze layers with painting I have done in Procreate. It affects images in quite unpredictable ways and for this I love it.

Free/Download (in-app purchases)

Number Four – Superimpose


‘Within You, Without You’ – ©Sarah Jarrett


Superimpose is an essential part of my toolkit and most of my images start off in this app. I use it to do all my collage work cutting and layering images together. You can save masks which is really handy if you want to use them again. What I really like about this app are the unexpected and accidental results you can achieve in layering pictures together.


Number Five – Repix


‘Falling’ – ©Sarah Jarrett


Repix has some very useful and creative tools for image manipulation that I frequently use. Again I would use it subtly in combination with other apps never just on its own. I like the creative possibilities the app offers and again am interested to see how it develops in the future.

Free/download (in-app purchases)

5 thoughts on “Top Five Photo Apps – Photo App Lounge – Sarah Jarrett”

  1. Million thanks Sarah and Joanne !!

    Sarah is a big honor that my app is included in your list, I’ve been a big fan of your art for some time now.

    My compromise is to further enhance and develop iColorama, and just your work mades worth it!

    Thank you for mentioning and for the inspiration!

  2. Always love the images you produce. So artistic and creative. There are some apps that are only for the iPad, and am waiting for the time when I have an iPad so that I can try more painting/drawing effects. Am finding it too difficult to mask/layer/blend and paint on the tiny iPhone screen…..its chief disadvantage.


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