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Welcome to our Top Five Photo Apps – Photo App Lounge section of This is an area on our site where we ask highly accomplished mobile photographers what their top five photo apps are and why.

We recently published the Top Five Photo Apps as recommended by Yannick Brice , Cedric Blanchon, Irene Sneddon, our Columnist and Award Winning Mobile Artist Sarah Jarrett as well as Louise Fryer, Lisa Waddell, Davide Capponi, Ali Jardine, Clint Cline, Elaina Wilcox, France Freeman, Tess Gomm and Lola Mitchell’s Top Five Photo Apps including accompanying images demonstrating these selections, if you missed those, please go here.

Today, we are featuring Vivi (Veevs) Hansen, we have featured Veevs many times on, in our A Day In The Life Interviews as well as this wonderful tutorial and numerous times in our Flickr Group showcases too.

Veevs discovered photography with the advent of digital cameras and ventured into iPhone photography in 2011. She started experimenting with Hipstamatic and found some amazing websites, (most notably and then she was hooked.

Starting out with an iPhone 3GS she has now progressed to the iPhone 4S. Veevs doesn’t get to spend as much time shooting images as she would like but the images that she does capture are exceptional and we think you’ll agree from this selection of images alone.

We’re sure you’re going to enjoy this article a lot…





Number One – Snapseed


‘Slow Walk’ – ©Veevs – Snapseed, BlurFX, Scratchcam, DistressedFX, Alt Photo



Snapseed is my go to app for the start of all my editing. It is so versatile!


Number Two – SlowShutter


‘Admiring the View’©VeevsSlowShutter, Snapseed, DistressedFX, AltPhoto



Wherever I go I always try to get several SlowShutter shots, especially with interesting backgrounds.


SlowShutter examples


The colourful Neal’s Yard’ – ©Veevs – SlowShutter, Snapseed, PhotoCopier, DistressedFX



‘Meandering’ – @Veevs SlowShutter, Snapseed, VintageScene


Number Three – DistressedFX


‘Street Entertainment’ – ©Veevs – Huemore, Snapseed, Glaze, Iris, DistressedFX


I have always loved grunge and texture and with DistressedFX I get both and have good control of modifying the amount and colour of the effect. The textures and colours of the filters in DistressedFX are beautiful!


Distressed FX Image Example


‘Beautiful Richmond Riverside’ – ©Veevs Huemore, Snapseed, PhotoCopier, DistressedFX


Number Four – AltPhoto


‘Weighted Down’ – ©Veevs – Oggl, Snapseed, BlurFX, PhotoCopier, AltPhoto


This is an amazing app with a lovely selection of colour and black and white filters and frames.


AltPhoto Example


‘Heading to Miami’ – ©Veevs – Huemore, Snapseed, PhotoCopier, DistressedFX, AltPhoto


Joint Number Five – PhotoCopier and Glaze


‘So many books, so little time’ – ©Veevs : Oggl, Snapseed, PhotoCopier, Repix, Glaze, DistressedFX


Both of these are beautiful apps with so many great selections of filters, colours and textures.

Example images with Photocopier and Glaze


‘Plant pots and balconies’ – ©Veevs – Huemore, Snapseed, Photocopier, Glaze, Iris, DistressedFX



‘Charity Walk Fun’ – ©Veevs – Huemore, Snapseed, PhotoCopier



‘Lovely Susy on the marina’ – ©Veevs Huemore, Snapseed, Glaze, Iris, PhotoCopier, DistressedFX



‘The perfect staircase’ – ©VeevsHuemore, Snapseed, PhotoCopier, Glaze, Iris, DistressedFX

25 thoughts on “Top Five Photo Apps – Photo App Lounge – Vivi (Veevs) Hanson”

  1. Congrats on the article Vivi. I have been a big fan of your artwork since I found you on MobiTog!

  2. Breathtaking art works. Inspirational.

    I was going to name a favorite, but I couldn’t narrow it down, and didn’t feel the need to restrict myself!

    Thanks for sharing your talent.

  3. I’m in awe of your SlowShutter work Vivi! That app totally eludes me. You should do a SlowShutter tutorial! 😀

    • I concur Janine. Veevs SlowShutter work is amazing. I cannot figure out how to get these results

    • Awww girlie you are so nice, thank you! I’ll have a go at a tutorial. One big tip is to have AutoSave set to off! Then when you take the shot you get a slider option where you can go through the various frames of the shot and save the look that you like 🙂

  4. As always I’m so impressed with your iPhoneography, Veevs. As far as I’m concerned these are works of art. Thank you for sharing with us. I can only aspire to be this good.

  5. I really like your photos. I want to down load the app you commented on but there are many slowshutter cam…which one do u recommend


    • Hi Rick, thank you for your note – if you click on the link under the image describing Slow Shutter, saying Slow Shutter, you’ll be taken directly to the App Store to download the specific app that Veevs is using.

  6. wow veevs great write up and i am such a fan !! thanks for some insight to your world !



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