Hipstamatic Oggl For iOS and Windows – Updated – Negative Reports…


The latest version of Hipstamatic Oggl is available but reports are flooding in from the Windows Phone 8 community that all the app is not retaining images in the library. From the iOS community reports are that the app is continously crashing on import.

We’d advise you hold off updating for the moment at least, a fix should be in progress.



1 thought on “Hipstamatic Oggl For iOS and Windows – Updated – Negative Reports…”

  1. Works fine for me on my 4S. Be sure to restart the phone when a newly-updated app acts up, as these kinds of errors are typically out-of-memory errors. I have taken a dozen or so photos with the latest update, edited them and shared them with no issues. I have had a few crashes on import, but after the restart it worked. I don’t do much importing, though, as I use it as a camera.


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