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Welcome to another brand new section from your favourite mobile photography website and one of the most popular in the world. Today, we’re publishing our 35th Mobile Photography/Art Tip Of The Day to our brand new section of the site.

Every day we will publish a short quick tip to help you with your mobile photography, this may be related to editing your image, capturing your image, printing your image, all manner of things, across the complete photographic and art mobile genre – we’ll be featuring great mobile street photography tips, great blending tips, great cloning tips, we will cover it all from some of the greatest mobile photographers and artists in the world.

We’ll also have a widget in our right hand column, displaying the Tip of The Day every day, just click on that and you will be taken to our tip of  the Day archive.

We are delighted to publish our 35th Tip Of The Day today, this time by a fabulous mobile photographer and one that we feature regularly in our Flickr Group Showcase as well as our Streets Ahead column and articles, Cecily Caceu. Over to you Cecily. (Foreword by Joanne Carter).

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“Study and research your favorite photographers to help inspire you with your iphone photography.

One of my favorite traditional photographers is Ruth Bernhard (1905-2006). Ruth Bernhard is best known for her ground breaking black and white female nudes — she also created some amazing still lifes and did some very interesting experimentation with lighting and combining of negatives for photo collages. Some of her amazing work can be found here:

I have kept her “Recipe for a Long and Happy Life” taped to my desk for over 15 years now. I love how simple and straight forward her advice is:

Recipe for a Long and Happy Life
1. Never get used to anything.
2. Hold on to the child in you.
3. Keep your curiosity alive.
4. Trust your intuition.
5. Delight in the simple things.
6. Say “yes” to life with passion.
7. Fall madly in love with the world.
8. Remember today is the day.

I hope you all find her advice as inspiring as I do! If you would like to see Ruth’s recipe written in her own handwriting please click on this link:

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