Ditching Your DSLR For Your iPhone?


We’ve just been reading a great article by our pal Amadou Diallo in Forbes, it’s an article about his experience with packing away his Canon DSLR 365 days ago and using his iPhone to shoot with everyday thereafter. It’s been quite a journey for Amadou and one we’ve enjoyed following, you can read the full article here.




4 thoughts on “Ditching Your DSLR For Your iPhone?”

  1. When somebody , *hint SONY,hint*, creates a 2.5 k sensor in a lens, game over. Take this 2.5 k lens, or even better yet, a 2.5k sensor with interchangeable lenses, driven by iOS or some version of andriod, then game really over. DSLRs for the most part are strictly for high end shoots. Thom Hogan on his site http://bythom.com has a lot to say about this.
    Oh, the lens would be driven by bluetooth, and the sensor driven by the paintbox built into the iOS/ Android app. Separate the tasks in to best use technology.

    I have a nikon 3200, i see no need to go up. 120fps for iPhone right now, maybe two years it is 240fps? How about when Apple puts an 8 or a 12 megapixel sensor in its phone or iPad?

    Disruptive forces are at play here. In tow years, an iPad mini with 256 gigs of space, with one of these sensor based lenses, it will be a game changer.

    I just hope by then we will have a absolutely disruptive force in audio acquisition / playback, too.

    Really, the next disruption is sound.

    Be well


  2. Joanne,

    One more thought on this.

    SONY is feeling the pressure from GoPro. The GoPro folks are kicking it in the drone/ multi cam and even with the radiant designs NOVO cam.

    What would stop GoPro from actually creating this sensor lens interface of iOS. At this point, nothing. They have the resources, the disruptive DNA in their product.

    Figure they buy out the OLLO Clip folks, add their sensor design to the OLLO Clip and bam! You are now in a whole different realm of digital motion acquisition. OUCH!

    Heck if i was Apple i would buy GoPro and OLLO Clip, and keep them as a subsidiary. Own the Space. Truly own the Space.

    Be well,



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