Mobile Photography & Art – Flickr Group Showcase – 5 August 2018


Photographer, Mary McCartney (Paul’s daughter), with whom I used to work at a London photo agency said, I’m embarrassed to say that my main camera is my iPhone”. That’s not to say she doesn’t use 35 mm film, a Leica in fact, or a DSLR, even a Polaroid, but what she loves about her iPhone is ‘how immediate it is‘. Contrasing with Grayson Perry, artist confession, ‘the cameraphone has made the forest of glowing screens ubiquitous in museums, galleries and at events. Maybe I’m a snob, but it’s put me off photography’. We take thousands and thousands of pictures, every single day, do we treasure them? Some we do, each represents the power of time, mortality and memory, in essence, the power of photography. It’s very nature, evokes like no other art form, the split second, already spent…

Enjoy this weeks Mobile Photography and Art Showcase, a few minutes [for you], of time very well spent.

Thank you to all artists for submitting your works. If you would like your work to be considered for entry in to our weekly Mobile Photography and Art Flickr Group, please submit it to our dedicated group, here.

Many congratulations to the following artists for being featured this week:

Hanni K, Eleni Gemeni, Milly M, Clint Cline, TheiPhoneArtGirl – Meri Walker, Sentient Beings, Poetic Medium, Poetic Medium, Marcello Balsano, G Billon, Yasuo Furue, Michael Beresin, Karen Axelrad, Kat McClelland, Jun Yamaguchi, Anne Highfield, Randsom Candice – CLAY3 accidental artist, Anne Highfield, Luison, Lorenka Campos, Maarten Oorwijn, Gianluca Ricoveri, Gina Costa, Catherine Caddigan, before.1st.light – Jane Schultz, Barbara Nebel, Susan Maxwell Schmidt.

Music this week is ‘Speechless’ ©Leah West

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PortraitCam Ultimate Camera – Brand New iPhone Photography App Announcement


We are very excited to bring you ‘hot off the press’ news of a new app PortraitCam Ultimate Camera by the highly talented developers, BrainFeverMedia.  PortraitCam Ultimate Camera enables you to create stunning depth of field lens blur with your iPhone X (or compatible devices). Get DLSR-quality focus and bokeh with simple controls. Choose focus mode, bokeh-shape, and set blur level in a few easy steps. Finalize your photo with stunning flares captured from real lenses to give your photo a professional look.

– Automatically detect faces

– Depth capture for compatible devices

– Portrait Mode for everyone

– Real lens flares

BrainFeverMedia the brains behind this innovative app are extremely professional app developers. Their accomplished and successful apps include LensLight, Glass Tilt Shift, SWRLY, AlienSky, LensFlare, Circular, Lens FX and Reflect.

PortraitCam Ultimate Camera retails for $3.99. Stand by though because we will be announcing some promotional giveaway codes for this app soon in addition to a thrilling competition!

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Ditching Your DSLR For Your iPhone?


We’ve just been reading a great article by our pal Amadou Diallo in Forbes, it’s an article about his experience with packing away his Canon DSLR 365 days ago and using his iPhone to shoot with everyday thereafter. It’s been quite a journey for Amadou and one we’ve enjoyed following, you can read the full … Read more Ditching Your DSLR For Your iPhone?

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