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One area we are very keen on exploring and helping our readers with on is photography education and accessibility. There are many photographers and artists with special needs, whether this relates to visual issues even bordering on blindness (yes it’s true), to deafness (not many people know this, but I personally endure severe hearing loss) to many other difficulties that people suffer with, these include mental health issues, physical issues and more. We want to ensure that whatever your difficulty you can still enjoy photography and art, it’s so therapeutic.

We are therefore delighted to welcome Luis Perez to theappwhisperer family as our Photo Education Editor. We recently interview Luis in our Day in the Life series, if you missed that, please go here. Luis is an Apple Distinguished Educator whose work focuses on accessibility and inclusive design. He received his doctorate in special education from the University of South Florida in 2013 and is the author of Mobile Learning for All from Corwin Press. His work has appeared in THE Journal, The Loop Magazine, and the New York Times Bits Blog.

Luis is also partially sighted and ironically he turned to photography as a result of his vision loss. This is what we are embracing, we want to help you to enjoy photography and art and to ensure you are able to access it with all the knowledge we can provide. Luis will be heading up this new section and we will also be accepting contributions from other educators within the industry who are using iPhone photography to make education more relevant and engaging.

We really hope you enjoy this section and it helps you. We will be publishing Luis’ first tutorial very soon.


Luis Perez


©Luis Perez

‘This self portrait was included in my dissertation as a visual representation of what it is like to live in “between and betwixt” the worlds of the sighted and the blind. It captures my experience as someone with progressive vision loss.’ – Luis Perez

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