ArtRage for iPhone – Temporarily Free


ArtRage for iPhone is an excellent app to help you express your artistic side, it brings a full on creative experience. Get your fingers dirty with a set of natural painting tools that let you smear, blend, and spread paint directly on the screen. ArtRage simulates real world paints so that you can get creative without having to learn complex tools or digital techniques.

ArtRage tracks more than just the color of the paint on your canvas. The application understands the thickness of the paint and how wet it is. This allows the tools to work more like real tools than digital tools. ArtRage supports Layers, transparent overlays that allow you to paint in to your image without damaging paint that was previously applied. Using Layers, you can paint elements of your image and edit them independently of other elements, allowing you to make changes without disturbing the rest of your work.

ArtRage for iPhone really is a fabulous app and it’s currently free, down from $1.99/£1.49. Click here to download.






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