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Share has created an infographic with the title “Camera vs Smartphone” that has some interesting stats we thought our readers might like to learn about, including Eastern Europe and Russia being the greatest region (74.1%) of top smartphone sales growth in the world.

Some of these, perhaps many of these statistics you may well be aware of, including the plummeting global camera shipments, all cameras sales are now at -43%. If you look at the snapshot relating to compact cameras, you will see a sharp decline of sales from 147.5 million units down to 59 million between 2012 – 2014. Of course, this is due to smartphones and the incredible photography that all you wonderful artists create with them. It’s said that 73% of DSLR users take at least one photo each month and yet 91% smartphone users do the same (and we’re sure it’s actually a lot higher and greater than that).

Incredibly there are over 140 billion photos currently in Facebook that compares with Instagram at just 1 billion and Flickr with 8.5 billion. Of course, Instagram users have increased dramatically from 2011 with just 1 million to 2013 there being over 140 million. Instagram picks up 1 new user each second, it has been calculated.

Please take a few minutes to look at this infographic, it’s possibly nothing that you didn’t know already but it’s simplified within this cool looking chart, let me know your thoughts…















4 thoughts on “Camera vs Smartphone – Infographic”

  1. I am STUNNED that digital camera owners take twice as many photos per month as smartphone users. One of the reasons I got a smartphone was because I was tired of missing photo opportunities when I didn’t have my digital camera with me.

  2. Thanks a million for sharing this data Joanne. I’m continuously dancing with traditional photographers who don’t know this data and/or refuse to take a look at it. Going to pass it on in this format because it’s really easy to digest this way.


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