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Mobile & Photography & Art – Beet Around The Bush – Our Third Interview with Marco Prado from the United States

We are delighted to bring you the third interview to our new mobile photography and art food column – ‘Beet Around The Bush’, edited by multi award winning artist, Armineh Hovanesian. This interview is with a talented photographer, Marco Prado from the United States.

Please continue to post your mobile portraiture to our dedicated Flickr group or use this hashtag on Instagram #tawbeetaroundthebush, this way, Hovanesian will search through these artists to interview next, it might be you! (foreword by Joanne Carter).

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All images in this interview ©Marco Prado

What first interested you in food photography?

My first interest in food photography is to align all the senses in one frame. The Visual matching the flavours in one harmonious click.

Tell us a little about where you live and if, at all, it influences your photography

I’m originally from Brazil . I’ve been living in the USA for the past 23 years. I left my country about 28 years ago. I always wanted to set foot in the world and experience different cultures and languages.

I landed in London, without speaking much English, went to school, got my Cambridge degree . After 5 years in Europe, I found a school to continue my studies in alternative therapies that led me to New York City , USA. In between times, I traveled extensively throughout Europe experience different cultures, with that comes food! I’m fascinated with scents , spices, herbs , aromas that are unique and tell the story of the place I’m visiting. Before photography , the sense of smell always been strong in identifying my perception, as if I always need to frame every scent and tasting I ever had. I could go on and on about this question …….


Which photographers, if any, have most influenced your work?

I’m always connected with old school and new comers as well. Ansel Adams , Elliot Erwitt , Annie Leibovitz , Sebastião salgado For the new generation, a few mobile artists have influenced me, including Cindy Patrick , Koci Hernandez, Karen Divine, and many more that I cannot recall now.

What’s a good photograph in your opinion?

Good food photography is the one that combines all the senses through the view finder.

How many shots does it take you, on average, to get the perfect image that you’re looking for?

I normally take one or two shots only. When the subject presents in front of you, it’s just a matter of feeling & framing it  capturing the essence.

Do you strive to ‘tell a story’ with a picture? If so, how do you achieve that?

I love telling a story with my photos. It’s all about the details, how it ties with the message that appears first. The best and effortless photos are the ones that the subject presents full on in front of you., just a single click and Voila ! I had a few moments like that and realised I had hit the jackpot.

When you visit a restaurant and see something on the menu, do you think more about it will taste or how it will look?

When I go to a restaurant, I always check the combination of flavours, that’s a recipe for good photography. First is how it tastes, presentation varies from place to place.

How did you develop your aesthetic? What inspires you?

My aesthetics has to do with daily life. I’m inspired by nature, people, all pulsing life. I don’t particularly concentrate on one subject, but street photography is one of my favs.

What do you consider when it comes to composition and framing the food? What do you look for when taking the shot?

I consider the overall feel of the subject. When it comes to food photography, I pay close attention to the entire presentation such as color, display, my own composition in how can I capture the true essence of what’s before my eyes. I love the birds eye view. Sometimes just a small close up, a cropped version will work too.

What is your favourite dish or type of food to shoot?

My favorite food is sea food I love photographing dishes that are multi coloured . Like Paella , stews, Indian food, Japanese food, especially the desserts.

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