iOS Photography Apps 645 PRO Mk II and PureShot – Updated – We Have Codes To Share!


Mike Hardaker developer of the very successful iOS Photography apps, 645 PRO Mk II and PureShot, to name a few has just informed me that both apps have been updated with support for the Snappgrip hardware add on. It achieved huge success via a 2013 KickStarter campaign. As well as support for the hardware, users of the apps will get a 20% discount on the Snappgrip hardware, if you buy via the link embedded within the apps’ menu and not only that – Mike has also given us some codes to share with our loyal readers too. So, if you haven’t already picked up these apps, reply to this post, telling us what you love most about and we will select some winners.

We’ve also attached more details about the SnapGrip below for your information.


645 PRO Mk II






Snappgrip for iPhone 5 & 5s – £49.99


Snappgrip package for Apple iPhone 5 & 5s.  Complete starter kit including:

  • snappgrip controller
  • snappgrip case for iPhone 5 & 5s with integrated lens ring for optional add-on lenses
  • micro-USB charging cable
  • wrist-strap
  • controller storage pouch

Find out more here

13 thoughts on “iOS Photography Apps 645 PRO Mk II and PureShot – Updated – We Have Codes To Share!”

  1. The App Whisperer is my got place for news, tutorials, and reviews.
    I like using PureShot and have heard great things about 645 PRO. Know that if y’all recommend it then it is worth it!!

  2. Most of the time your site provide useful tips and reviews. I discovered some nice apps with your help. Thanks

    Now I would really love using 645 and/or pureshot

  3. Love theappwhisperer because of the comprehensive coverage of iOS photography. It’s the one place I regularly visit to keep on top of what’s happening.

  4. I love your site, discovering new apps and review. Sometimes some useful tips also.

    I’ll be more than happy to try 645 PRO Mk II and/or Pureshot 😉

  5. I’ve read so much about pureshot that I want to try it. I am sure that it will become perfect for both my product shots as well of the cutest 16month daughter pics!

  6. The tutorials not only introduce me to new apps, but also incite creativity by both showcasing features and breaking down step by step workflows to create cool effects. Thanks!

  7. The App Whisperer is the BEST iPhone camera blog around! The reviews and especially the frequent app tutorials are outstanding and inspiring.
    I heard only good things about 645 PRO Mk II and would love trying it out, same goes for PureShot of course 🙂

  8. For all your needs TheAppWhisperer is the site for that love everything about the site I would love to try out 645Pro.

  9. I was just reading about 645 PRO Mk II in the app store today per a friend’s recommendation. Never used an app like it before but I’d like to try it out.

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