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Mobile Photography Interview – A Day In The Life Of Stefanie LePape – Einafets LP – A Unique and Talented Photographer

Welcome to our very exciting interview column on theappwhisperer.com. This section entitled “A Day in the Life of…” is where we take a look at some hugely influential, interesting and accomplished individuals in the mobile photography and art world… people that we think you will love to learn more about. This is our 114th installment of the series. If you have missed our previous interviews, please go here.

Today we are featuring Stefanie LePape also known an Einafets LP on Facebook. LePape is a third generation NYer currently residing in South Florida. Although she studied at the Art Students league in NYC, she’s also an autodidact – a hands on learner who has learned a lot via trial and error.

For the past couple of decades LePape and her husband have worked as a team working on decorative arts. They are always exploring different concepts and designs. LePape tends to focus on accessories for self and home, her husband has recently designed a line of furniture that will soon be going into production in France.

LePape’s health has not been good of late and it’s become difficult for her to paint and meet deadlines, her last painting contract took a lot longer than expected. Her latest mural was designed totally via mobile devices. Working with her iPad has reduced the time by a hundred fold, making it easier for her to meet deadlines LePape had this work printed on canvas and is now waiting for it to be stretched and framed, she professes that she might add some paint texture as top layer.

We just couldn’t wait to find out more about LePape, you’re going to really enjoy this!

Under each image you will find the title and a list of all the apps used, links to these apps are at the end of the article.


Stefanie LePape


‘Untitled’ – ©Stefanie LePape

Lets start at the beginning of the day, how does your day start?

The start of my day can be challenging. I usually start by forcing myself to actually get out of bed. On a good day, I volunteer for educational work and help mentor a few children who are homeschooled. My gears get a kickstart by a triple macchiato or large mug of strong black coffee along with something sweet.


‘Delicate Balance’ – ©Stefanie LePape – CamFv5 2sec speed

Do you like to head out and take photographs early on?

I have no schedule. If to catch light in action, I would lean more towards sun going down as opposed to its raising light. (I am a night owl to the core). Any planned photo sessions are scheduled for late afternoon.


‘Static Shelter’ – ©Stefanie LePape – Native camera Motorola Atrix 4G

How did the transition from traditional photographer to mobile photographer develop? (pardon the pun)

Pure necessity. It was probably in late 2006 or late 2007. I usually carried my holga and dslr gear with me. Having been chased away from a building I was shooting. I walked away frustrated because I couldn’t get my shot. It dawned on me I could use my phone camera. I rationalized that even if the resolution would be bad, I would still have the shot as a reference.

Thereafter, I just went mobile shooting crazy. I still have my super LoMo shots. The poor quality turned me off using my phone camera. Sometime in 2009 or 2010, I upgraded to a phone with a higher resolution. My first smartphone came sometime in 2011.


‘Southern falls’ – ©Stefanie LePape – native camera of a non-smart phone

Do you like to download new mobile photography and/or art apps regularly?

Although I am picky with what I invest in, I do like to play with new toys .Do I do that regularly? I do not rush to download anything. Unless it offers something unique.

So… perhaps I don’t do it regularly since I have found the apps that suffice for my needs but again, I love playing, experimenting with an apps potential.


‘Stealing’ – Jps phone – Nokia Lumia 1020 – Hipstamatic Oggl

What is your preferred platform, Apple iOS, Android, Windows?

I am a hybrid of sorts, my tools have been mixing iOS and droid devices. I have leaned towards iOS because of certain apps that I utilise the most. My preferred platform would be one specifically designed for me 😉 My husband has a Windows device and I must say it looks inviting for its UI. I downloaded Oggl to use on it. He uses his phone more often than I can get my hands on it.


‘We’re one yet not’ – ©Stefanie LePape – Apps used – Hipstamatic, Percolator, Superimpose

Would you consider changing platforms and why?

This question makes me think of the subway system. I would take the same route unless that system failed to function or another platform got me to my destination quicker, smoother and hassle free. Otherwise…I don’t mind sticking to what’s familiar.

Although… a new line can be an adventure and sometimes it leads towards new perspectives otherwise missed. So I guess it depends on my mood.


‘Dynamics of a whirlpool’ – ©Stefanie LePape – Motorola Atrix 4G – Mextures

How often do you update your existing apps?

It depends on what the upgrade involves. If it’s not of interest to me I see no point in doing so.


‘Desaturated state of long exposures’ – ©Stefanie LePape – iPad 2 Camera, Slow Shuttercam, Oggl, Superimpose, Snapseed

What are your favourite photography apps and why, what features do you look for in a new photo app?

I love my camera FV5 for Android device.(Shout out to josh st. Germain @pavingapril, for introducing it to me). I was using the slow shutter cam on my iPad but that proved painterly and continued my exploration in long exposures.


‘Long exposure of distant fields’ – ©Stefanie LePape – iPad Camera, Slow ShutterCam, Oggl, Superimpose, Repix


‘When skies fall’ – ©Stefanie LePape – Sgs4, camFvF, 5 sec, Snapseed


‘Even nowhere land highways’ – ©Stefanie LePape – Sgs4 – camFV5 2 sec, Snapseed

My interest with my Canon Rebel was studying movement , slow shutter speeds,intentional blur, basically experimental. This camera has afforded me the opportunity to continue to play with light. It’s my go to camera for slow shutter speeds. Although I haven’t experimented with it beyond that.


‘Lines and compliments’ – ©Stefanie LePape – camFV5


‘Dialogues against the wall’ – ©Stefanie LePape – CamFv5

Hipstamatic double exposure and tintype plate


‘Unlimited views’ ©Stefanie LePape – Hipstamatic, multipleExpo, tintype plate


‘Studies of a chair’ – ©Stefanie LePape – Hipstamatic tintype

Again, the double exposures emulate my interest in film. If it weren’t on my iPad – which makes it too challenging to shoot, these would be constraints.

Superimpose for my iPad


‘To read perchance to dream’ ©Stefanie LePape – Superimpose using 7 of my photos, Percolator, Tangent

PicPayPro for my Samsung


‘Full droid edit of self’ – ©Stefanie LePape – PicSayPro, Repix, PixlrExpress


‘Welcome to the machine’ – ©Stefanie LePape – re-edit of a full droid edit using PicsayPro, Repix, and PixlrExpress



‘Garden of Sweet Dreams’ – ©Stefanie LePape – Superimpose, Percolator, PixlrExpress

I love creating layers/textures for my composites/montages. While I usually mask out most of the effect. I Love the dreamy percolated layer.


‘Free Floating’ – ©Stefanie LePape – Motorola Atrix 4G, Percolator, Superimpose


‘Weight of Desaturated Dreams’ – ©Stefanie LePape – Superimpose, Percolator, Snapseed



‘She who dreams in color’ – ©Stefanie LePape – sgs4, iColorama, Mextures

The perfect toy for a mobile editing addict. The creators are constantly adding and adjusting their brushes etc that one can never be bored with it. Although, it can be challenging to an autodidact – I love discovering its potential.

6. VSCO Cam for editing. Their filters are all adjustable and feel genuine
7. Snapseed for some fine tuning.
8. Pixlr Express – their paper textures.
9. Mextures for texture.
10. Fragment, Tangent and Union for altering reality.


‘Close to the edge of slow shutters’ – ©Stefanie LePape – sgs4, camfv5, Snapseed

I don’t go about considering an app with any expectations.


‘The Process of Transformation’ – ©Stefanie LePape – sgs4, Percolator, Superimpose


‘Fragmented Dreams’ – ©Stefanie LePape – motoAtrix, Union, Fragment, Tangent


‘Landscaping memory’ – ©Stefanie LePape – Superimpose, Repix

I just throw myself right into the playing field and work things out. Perhaps the features that draw me in would be the user interface, Having controls that are obvious.


‘Steps Towards Chaos’ – ©Stefanie LePape – camfv5, Union, Fragment, Snapseed

Where’s your favorite place in the world for a shoot and why?

NYC – not because it’s iconic but because it’s home. It’s constantly changing and I am a people watcher. Although I wonder if I say this because I am homesick, or suffer territorial feelings?

I do not think one is limited by a place. Creativity or beauty can be found anywhere.

Expressionism, Impressionism have no limits. I have had to solidify this truth in adjusting to a new state. While I am keen about Street Photography, my opportunities have been limited. I have had to learn to broaden my horizons. I believe having to adapt has been an advantage for me.

Where do you like to upload your photographs to – Flickr, Instagram etc?

I have a website www.stefanielepape.com. I am trying to organize it and make it my main resource for uploading. I’ve the lovely challenge of deciphering, not only how to build it, but going through my stockpile of photos so as to highlight my strengths.

I have been on Flickr since 2006, it’s my go to for uploading and sharing. I like that there’s the option to produce sets and collections. I am not very good at self promotion but I have found the groups in Flickr have allowed me to enjoy more of an audience. I also use Google Plus because it has been my extra storage space and I have been there for a few years. The handful of folks who linger there are worth my engagement, for me, it isn’t about the numbers but the quality of exchange. I do wish more people would utilise it for is user friendly group functions. Over the years I have established portfolios on jpgmag.com, Art limited, Behance and devianArt. Sanikdote is my username. My involvement on these sites for the past nine years introduced me to some amazing artists/photographers. These folk remain inspirational to me as well as creating the community which satisfies my artist ego.

My sister asked me to join Instagram to keep in touch with her. Since we are both creatively geared, our feeds leaned towards our interest. Not sure what that says about us, maybe since we don’t have children to talk about we share the closest thing to us. For her, it’s her gift of food. For me… it’s my obsessions with capturing…stopping time. I do enjoy IG for keeping in touch with my friends afar but artistically speaking, the idea of Insta is not for me. Too, sometimes I get the impression it’s a game of tag here, a game I am not good at.

I use EyeEm too but often I go through feelings of futility regarding these many sites. I need constructive intentions – an end game. One site I did enjoy was Backspaces, I co-curate with Jennifer Thomas and really appreciate the potential it has. The developers had a great concept.

Do you use your mobile phone everyday to take images?

Yes, I am compulsively addicted to taking photos, it’s also become my way of remembering things.

Do you like to use external hardware products with your mobile device for image and video capturing, such as lenses, tripods, external storage and battery packs? Please elaborate as much as possible.

I recently purchased an adaptor to use a flash drive for backing up my photos. I am on a tight budget so I cannot afford a lot of hardware, that doesn’t mean I don’t want them. I have learned how to create because of necessity. My husband made me a tripod, I made a DIY macro lens as featured on wearejuxt, it’s in my wallet. A good friend of mine bought me an underwater pouch but it’s not that useful, it malfunctions once immersed. I am pining for the new Lensbaby for mobile devices.

I am thinking of creating one using one of several Lensbaby lenses I have. Waiting for it to be released is an issue for me. This hardware is one I really want. My big gear equipment never goes without including my baby.


‘With hands closed tight’ – ©Stefanie LePape – motoAtrix, Mextures

Do you edit images on your mobile devices or do you prefer to use a desktop or laptop computer?

I have gotten so used to using my mobile devices that I rarely use my desktop. The portability of my iPad and phone have been a nice companion to keep me occupied. I am actually debating whether or not to sell my PS3.


‘Touch’ – ©Stefanie LePape – motoAtrix, Mextures

Where do you envisage your mobile photography passion will take you? Have you been involved with exhibitions etc? Please elaborate if you can.

My goal is to print out several series’ I have been working on. I am not satisfied unless I see it printed. During travels or events I always bring my camera gear. The weight of equipment can be a burden. I am looking forward to traveling light in the near future.

Since street photography is hit or miss here, I want to work on minimalism, still life and portraiture. I started to do some mobile underwater photography, inspired by Elena Kalis. My phone failed working once immersed in water, so that project hit a wall. You can see the original unedited version on these on IG. They are from around 2012, I up-edited them using the new Mextures (a new fave).


‘In the company of solitude’ – ©Stefanie LePape – Sgs4, vscoCam, Snapseed

While digital collage is my medium for relaxing, I think I can learn more via working towards composition via still life, effectiveness via minimalism and portraiture to expand upon my interest in the human experience. It’s also a gift back to the one I am to freeze frame.


‘Grace’ – ©Stefanie LePape – Sgs4, vscoCam, Oggl, Superimpose


‘Inspired Portraits’ – ©Stefanie LePape – Sgs4, camFv5 2sec speed, vscoCam


‘Allotted Spaces’ – ©Stefanie LePape – Sgs4, CamFv5 2sec, handyphoto for tweaking

I have had a solo exhibition at the Gerswhin Hotel in NYC (multiple exposure 120 Holga work). It was also included in a group exhibit at Lightbox photographic gallery in Astoria, Oregon, selected by Susan Burnstine.

My street photography took second place for a competition judged by Anton Corbijn. My work covers the pages of Walsen by a Netherlands poet, Elma Van Haren. I have been featured on the first page of RedBubble a few times too.

My time spent on dA led to several collaborations with some amazing photographers and artists. I have had collaborative exhibits in Italy, Gallery6pdx, Oregon and Kick Plate gallery in Wales. As well as inclusion with a couple of group book projects. Two of my mobile photographs were exhibited at the San Monica iPhone art quarterly. Regarding cyber gallery features: The Minimals, AE Pixlr, Android editors, Wearejuxt, Art of Mob and mostly here, with theappwhisperer.com.

Do you also enjoy shooting videos with your mobile phone? If so, what do you do with them? Have you considered uploading them to our Mobile Movies Flickr group?

I would love to explore video more, my storage space is so limited it prevents me. I have tried a couple and have indeed submitted them there.


‘Crystal although no clear’ – ©Stefanie LePape – sgs4, CamFv5, 2sec

Where do you see the future of mobile photography?

I think it will become of a standard for everyone. It’s practical. Photography isn’t just about the arts. It’s a way of preserving time, memories and love .


‘Sans souci’ – ©Stefanie LePape – Sgs4, Oggl, Superimpose

My parents didn’t have a camera when we were children. Had they had a phone camera I am sure they would have been more assertive in capturing little me.


‘The trail of great expectations’ – ©Stefanie LePape – Sgs4, Oggl, Superimpose

I watch so many of my friends post photos of their children, capturing moments that might have escaped them had they had to run to get their gear. Mobile photography has replaced family movies upon invite. I find it so interesting to see the range of folks delving into the art of it. I am amazed at the amount of baby boomers who have taken to it, it makes sense. As a friend of mine once told me, ‘we invented cool’ and it’s so true.

On the flip side of mobile art I think as most novelties fade…those who are serious about the art of it will continue to grow with it, while those who do it for different agendas will probably lose interest.

What do you think is the most popular area of mobile photography?

Within each genre there seems to be a popular trend. I appreciate all good photography/art and view much of what is out there. It’s difficult for me to determine if there is one more popular than the other.

Do you think it’s country specific, are some nations more clued up?

Although I find UK and US the loudest–(that might just be because I understand the language), I know of artist from all parts of this lovely globe.

If you could select a specification for a mobile smartphone, what features would you select, photographically speaking?

Aperture adjustment for depth of field, zoom functions that do not distort.


‘The gifts we bring’ – ©Stefanie LePape – Sgs4, CamFv5 2 sec, Mextures

What do you think of myself and theappwhisperer.com?

I know from experience the amount of time it takes to compile these weekly features. It’s a lot of work. It requires a real appreciation and selflessness to accomplish. The support Joanne has provided for me and my entrance into the mobile arts community has been great appreciated. TheAppWhisperer.com has been quite the resource with regards to the who, what, when and how of mobile arts. It’s become my go to for mobile news.

That’s wonderful to hear Stef, thank you so much for this wonderful interview.

Joanne Carter, creator of the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website— TheAppWhisperer.com— TheAppWhisperer platform has been a pivotal cyberspace for mobile artists of all abilities to learn about, to explore, to celebrate and to share mobile artworks. Joanne’s compassion, inclusivity, and humility are hallmarks in all that she does, and is particularly evident in the platform she has built. In her words, “We all have the potential to remove ourselves from the centre of any circle and to expand a sphere of compassion outward; to include everyone interested in mobile art, ensuring every artist is within reach”, she has said. Promotion of mobile artists and the art form as a primary medium in today’s art world, has become her life’s focus. She has presented lectures bolstering mobile artists and their art from as far away as the Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea to closer to her home in the UK at Focus on Imaging. Her experience as a jurist for mobile art competitions includes: Portugal, Canada, US, S Korea, UK and Italy. And her travels pioneering the breadth of mobile art includes key events in: Frankfurt, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Brazil, London. Pioneering the world’s first mobile art online gallery - TheAppWhispererPrintSales.com has extended her reach even further, shipping from London, UK to clients in the US, Europe and The Far East to a global group of collectors looking for exclusive art to hang in their homes and offices. The online gallery specialises in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen signed limited edition art. Her journey towards becoming The App Whisperer, includes (but is not limited to) working for a paparazzi photo agency for several years and as a deputy editor for a photo print magazine. Her own freelance photographic journalistic work is also widely acclaimed. She has been published extensively both within the UK and the US in national and international titles. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Popular Photography & Imaging, dpreview, NikonPro, Which? and more recently with the BBC as a Contributor, Columnist at Vogue Italia and Contributing Editor at LensCulture. Her professional photography has also been widely exhibited throughout Europe, including Italy, Portugal and the UK. She is currently writing several books, all related to mobile art and is always open to requests for new commissions for either writing or photography projects or a combination of both. Please contact her at: [email protected]


  • Michelle Robinson

    Stef discovered me on Google+ – I say she discovered me because subsequently I discovered what an accomplished and understated digital multimedia artist she is.
    I was having one of my rants about the state of photography in our modern times and how it has made our visual landscape littered with the mundane as opposed to add to it. Stef calls me a “soul sister” and after reading this I am truly honoured that she thinks so. The fact that she acknowledges my work and that we are friends is a privilege. I love Stef a great deal because she gets me and my honesty and bluntness in what is a “tag it” (to paraphrase her, you like me I like you back world. We have many deep and personal conversations and also some mindless silly ones. There are few artists around who embody it with as much heart and soul as Stef. I recall once when she was unwell and I told her to take a break – I think her response was that it would be like killing her. I completely get that – the need to be creative is far higher than the need for accolades. Stef is one of the most humble people I know and I am proud such an accomplished creative considers me her friend. A wonderful interview!

    • Joanne Carter

      Michelle, thank you for your comment to Stef, I am humbled and very touched to read this. This is what it’s all about, this journey that we are on together, it’s so crucial to remember the important things in life and to know what really matters. Thank you Jx

  • slp

    @michelle…sans doubt we are somehow related. Thank you for all your words. They are tucked close to heart.
    @joanne …thank you for allowing us a platform for all this creative interchange. It does make for some interestingness in ‘moments that make up a dull day’.

  • Catherine Thom

    Stef, this is gorgeous!!! You have a remarkable way of showing us how you see everything, and helping us to see ourselves in a different light. Also, I love the way you put your subject at ease, both at the moment and in development.

    With Love!

  • slp

    Hey cat! Thank u for those encouraging words. I must say it’s easy to put another at ease when they allow themselves to b at ease. U my friend were my first model and forever friend.

  • Jennifer Thomas

    So thrilled to see Stef’s work here and read about her inspirations and ideas. I just adore those percolated mash ups, transparencies and overlays. She creates such a magical atmosphere in her imagery. What a joy it has been been to work with Stef though AMPt on the Backspaces App and what fun times we’ve had brainstorming, mulling and curating together.
    Love to you Stef and thanks for posting Joanne!

  • Johan Horak

    Hi long time since you shared this great interview.

    It would be nice to learn how Stefanie le Pape did these. But unfortunately there is not any.

    Hopefully, there are others you can interview like Eva Polak. Not sure if she is mobile. As your site focus on mobile.

    BTW. Do you have a Facebook group? I followed your Facebook page.