Olloclip, Hipstamatic, Cinamatic and TheAppWhisperer Team Up – We Invite You! Fabulous Prizes


We are delighted to announce a brand new section to TheAppWhisperer, the Olloclip MicroSite. Within this section, you will find Olloclip tutorials, news, interviews, competitions and other non-biased advice and tips. We will be adding content to this section each week, you can find it here.

To celebrate the launch of the Olloclip Microsite to we are announcing a fabulous challenge in-conjunction with Hipstamatic and their brand new video Cinamatic app. The overall winner of our challenge will have their video embedded within Hipstmatics Snap Magazine and receive the brand new Olloclip 4-in-1 iPad lens. Two runners up with enjoy winning the Olloclip telephoto lens with circular polarizer filter.

The entry requirements are to create a short video, using the Cinamatic app and post these to our new Olloclip Flickr group – see here. We recently featured over eleven Cinamatic videos in our Mobile Movies Column curated by Donna Donato, take a look here, if you need any additional inspiration.

This challenge will run from today May 26th 2014 until June 30th 2014. You can enter as many videos as you wish and it’s free to enter.

Main ‘Rules’:

1/ You must use the Cinamatic app to create a video
2/ You must post the video to our Olloclip@theappwhisperer Flickr Group (see here)

Terms and Conditions:

1/ The artist must own the full copyright of the works they submit;
2/ All videos must be created with the Cinamatic iPhone photography app by Hipstamatic
3/ Deadline for submissions is June 30, 2014.
4/ The final decision of the jury cannot be contested.
5/ No alternative awards will be offered.


Prizes – Overall Winning Video Featured In Hipsatmatic’s Snap Magazine and iPad 4-in-1 Lens



iPad 4-in-1 Lens



Two Runner Up Prizes Of Olloclip Telephoto + Circular Polarizer Lens



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15 thoughts on “Olloclip, Hipstamatic, Cinamatic and TheAppWhisperer Team Up – We Invite You! Fabulous Prizes”

  1. Hmmm. A ‘forced’ purchase of a specific app to enter. A joint venture between Olloclip, Cinamatic and App Whisperer disguised as a juried competition maybe? Its only 2 bucks but come on now! At least report it for what it is.

    • Thank you Mike for your comment, I appreciate your viewpoint but this is not how this competition has been set up. We felt that the ‘prize’ of having your video featured in Snap magazine would suffice. We have actually given away many of these apps in recent give ways, we’ll see if we can giveaway some more. It’s also free to enter this competition but there’s also no obligation to do so.

  2. Do the videos need to be just cinamatic, or can they include still shots and cinamatic, made into a video with something like iMovie for IOS?

  3. Can they be Cinamatic AND another app, like Videohance, Movie Looks, etc.? Especially since C now has import, it seems that instead of shooting with only C you could shoot with anything and import into C, so can we export from C into others, too?

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