Tickle Your Fancy #38


Welcome back to our thirty eighth post in our new section Tickle Your Fancy. Tickle Your Fancy’ includes a round-up of between three to five links to articles from around the internet that have specifically interested us during the course of the week. Ones that we feel are relevant to your interest in photography and art.

Just to explain the title for this section Tickle Your Fancyis an English idiom and essentially means that something appeals to you and perhaps stimulates your imagination in an enthusiastic way, we felt it would make a great title for this new section of the site.

We hope you enjoy this weeks’ selections…


Maya Angelou: a titan who lived as though there were no tomorrow


There have been many obituaries to Maya Angelou over the past week and rightly so. Wonderful quote here: ‘“Well, I’m dealing with my 81-itis,” she said. “And I expect that next year it will be 82-itis. I don’t have as far to go as I had to come. But I’m not making any arrangements, and I plan to keep working as long as I can … I’m fine as wine in the summertime.”

We really enjoyed this short piece too by Gary Younge at The Guardian – Take a look here.

Life, Time and Fortune: how Walker Evans mastered magazine photography


His stunning Life magazine series of buildings-at-risk had such sway it started a picket line, but he’s still best known for his Depression-era portraits – until now. A new book shows the master at work, and in control of, magazine photoessays on everything from Chicago street life to common tools

Fascinating, read more here

What’s it like on the red carpet at Cannes?


Really fabulous account by Gareth Cattermole, a veteran of eight Film Festivals giving an account of his day.

Go here

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