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Mobile Movies Showcase – Week 34 – by Donna Donato

Welcome back to the thirty-fourth article in the column, Mobile Movies. We at TheAppWhisperer have been inspired by the Flickr upgrade of 1 Terabyte of storage for everyone and have wanted to launch a mobile movie section for some time. Now seems to be perfect, the new Flickr upgrade will allow for a full three minutes of 1080p HD quality video per single film and you can have as many as you have storage space for. Each week I (you can find me on Flickr here) will curate the movie uploads to our new Flickr group –MobileMoviesTheAppWhisperer – I will view all the videos uploaded and comment on the chosen ones.

”The internet has created other crossroads for films and videos. Mobile devices have democratized not only photography but also video-making. The availability of apps that give digital video the appearance of analogy film, such as grainy black and white super-8, is exciting and important. Now anyone with the desire can make a home movie or ‘film’ and upload it to the web. It is interesting to see what stories and messages people are creating and disseminating.’

All of the entries were either shot or created on mobile devices.

Here is TheAppWhisperer’s video showcase for June 28, 2014. We would like to thank this week’s contributors: koorelle_Elle Elskamp, NaProsvert1_Natali Prosvetova, Poetic Medium, Armineh_H, Clearer Reflections_David Hayes, Vanessa Vox, Lubaluft_Federica Corbelli, Cara Gallardo Weil, Diana Nicholette Jeon, and brendan ö sé_Brendan ö Sé for their submissions. Take a look at these latest gems; you’ll be glad you did. Please share our Column with your family and friends, encouraging them to create and submit their mobile videos. We are seeking all platforms, Windows, Android, iOS… Joanne Carter and I will also be scouring the web in search of mobiles movies to present to our readers.


‘my mood on tuesday June 17, 2014’ – koorelle_Elle Elskamp


Flickr link

A shadow surveying a field of rippling ‘waves’ opens this black and white piece. The music created a sense of urgency to which the ‘waves’ seemed to respond.  We are reminded again that beauty is everywhere.

‘Welcome to my world’ – NaProsvert1_Natali Prosvetova


Flickr link

This piece provided a peephole into someone else’s life. I liked the spare music that accompanied the images. From the odd little boy, painted toes resting on the windowsill to the metro ride accompanying the lamp(s) it was an interesting and lively journey.

‘toxic.waste.dumpling’ – Poetic Medium


Flickr link

I liked this piece with its eerie music that seemed to incorporate the sound of dropping water. The colorful quad screens of pulsating circles were reminiscent of mandalas.

I love red walls  – Armineh_H


Flickr link

The light leaks or flutters in this piece drew the viewer’s attention to the subject’s eyes.  Seeing the reflections in those eyes brought to mind the phrase (the) “eyes are windows to the soul”.

‘River Meditation’ – Clearer Reflections_David Hayes


Flickr link

Liked this video of fun fair bumpers cars, which looked as if it had been hand-drawn.  Can only assume the cloud was some type of fog spray because none of the ‘drivers’ seems unduly concerned.

‘June the 12th, 2014’ – Vanessa Vox


Flickr link

I’m not exactly sure why but when I began watching this piece, I thought of what a dreamy August Sanders film might look like.  The subject matter, video processing and music produced a silent-era type film, which harked back to a mythical simpler, more innocent time.

‘Doll_sickness’ – Lubaluft_Federica Corbelli


Flickr link

If doll sickness means the tireless desire to collect dolls, then many are afflicted with the illness. The old-fashioned nursery music combined with richly colored, shadowy images created the feeling of having stumbled upon a doll filled room untouched by time.

‘Road Trip’ – Cara Gallardo Weil


Flickr link

This piece with its feel of a slightly faded home movie takes us on a scenic road trip up California Highway 101. Passing what appeared to be bathtub Porsches, some complete with vintage luggage attached to the racks, was an added bonus.

‘distant memories of a summer day in another century and another place’ – Diana Nicholette Jeon


Flickr link

This piece gives a glimpse of a last beach moment.  It was sweet to see the little girl awaiting a final sweep of the water then jumping up and scampering out of frame.

‘Obeying the green man in Taipei’ – brendan ö sé_Brendan ö Sé


Flickr link

After viewing this piece you might find yourself monitoring the time required to cross an intersection. Yes, the ‘man’ will be obeyed or you may find yourself at the mercy of oncoming traffic.

Donna is an image-maker, historian by training and a film/video editor by vocation. From a very early age she was smitten with images of all kinds. Donna absolutely loves film and filmmaking. Currently she lives in Paris, a city that has had a long and passionate love affair with ‘the movies’ and is one of the crossroads for world cinema.


    • Donna Donato

      haha… i laughed while watching your piece but also wondered if i would start running once i saw the blinking man!

  • Diana Jeon

    Well, all right!!!! I somehow missed this yesterday. Thank you, Donna and Joanne, for including my work this week. This one is sort of special to me, because it reminds me of going to Cape Cod with my parents each summer….and now that my mother recently passed, and my father has been gone for quite a long while now, so I only have these foggy memories like this to go on. So thanks for selecting this one. It’s dear to my heart. Congrats to all!