‘Impossible’ Interview with Meghan Davidson


We’re delighted to be working closer with The Impossible Project team as we continue to branch out and expand our reach with all things related to mobile photography. Analog post-processing of mobile images is becoming more and more popular and we’re going to make sure our readers are fully briefed on this very exciting development.

The Impossible Project is in many ways leading the way, but there is also a growing community of mobile artists and photographers experimenting with other analog post processing techniques in an attempt to make their mobile images stand out even more, in galleries, magazines and the like and we have viewed some outstanding images and techniques.

A good deal of my formal photographic training (many years ago) was spent in a huge college darkroom and it is an area that I’ve always enjoyed, I think you will too. I also had a very close working relationship with Polaroid built up through my years as Technical Editor for various UK photography print magazines/titles.

Today we are publishing the thirtheeth of a series of ‘Impossible’ articles (to view the others, go here), this time with Meghan Davidson, a Photographer, Psychologist and University Professor in Nebraska.

You can find Meghan at Flickr here and Twitter here


Meghan Davidson

‘Day 266, Fishnets Face’ – ©Meghan Davidson

“I still shake my head in disbelief when I think about it. In 2013, I decided to tackle a 365 project shooting self-portraits using only instant film from the IMPOSSIBLE Project. Even now, as I type that sentence, it still sounds like an insane challenge to consider and take on. And it was. Insane. And…I did it!!

‘Day 301 – Queen’ – ©Meghan Davidson

My journey in photography naturally led me to take on this epic project. I had been shooting many self-portraits during the year prior, and I was finding that my digital camera got more and more neglected as I shot increasingly more instant film each day. I wanted to challenge myself, to push myself and my photography creatively. Thus, 365 IMPOSSIBLE Self-Portraits was born.

At the half-way point, I remember feeling a combination of exhilaration and stress. I felt so very alive in my creativity, in my daily practice of seeing myself in a new way. But, I equally felt anxiety about developing fresh ideas and pushing myself in new ways each and every day. And then there were the frustrations of framing and focusing the self-portraits by myself, the difficulty in no remote shutters, the temperamental nature of the film in the extreme cold and extreme heat of where I live as the winter and summer seasons came and went, the juggling of time with working a full-time job and engaging in a time-consuming creative project. So many potential obstacles and challenges presented themselves during this year-long journey. But along with the challenges came incredible opportunities to push through, to persevere, to see what would emerge if I stayed the course.

‘Day 255 – Double Lights Universe’ – ©Meghan Davidson

I’m incredibly grateful that I did, in fact, push on and stay the course. Shooting self-portrait #365 felt amazing. I was giddy with joy and I felt so proud that I had accomplished what I set out to do. As an adult, our lives are simply not documented in the way that kids’ lives are today. I feel like I gave myself an incredible gift of self-portraits, photographs of me and created by me, that I will forever look back upon. But perhaps more importantly, this project gave me the gifts of self-discovery and self-awareness.

‘Day 349 – hide Eyes Inverted’ – Meghan Davidson

‘Day 202 – Tree-Mural’ ©Meghan Davidson

What first began as a photography journey has evolved into so much more. As the year unfolded and I shot self-portrait after self-portrait, a book began germinating in my heart and soul. Stories, feelings, and experiences from my life came flooding back to me as I took these self-portraits day by day. I decided I couldn’t ignore these stories, nor could I hide the intimate self-portrait work I’ve done during this past year. Thus, I’m currently creating a book that is memoir meets instant self-portrait photography. Although the photographs are shot, 365 IMPOSSIBLE Self-Portraits isn’t quite over yet!”

‘Day 287 – Heart Lips’ ©Meghan Davidson

‘Day 339 – Road Toward No Borders’ – ©Meghan Davidson

‘Day 195 – Double2-Seward’ Meghan Davidson

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