Reflect+ – Another iOS Photography App Giveaway!


Well, we’re feeling particularly generous today, why have one app giveaway a day, when you can have two? So as well as Hallows Eve that we’re are giving away here, we also have some codes for a fabulous brand new app called Reflect+ from the developers of Alien Sky,LensLight, LensFlare and more.

In their latest release ‘Reflect+’, BrainFeverMedia, the developers, have broken away from Flares, Stars, and Circular effects and created Reflect.  Users now have the facility to add their own puddles, lakes, and any reflections they can imagine.  It’s packed with presets!  

  • over 30 reflection presets
  • customise wave size, color, and blur.
  • add haze and fog
  • over 50 effects: fireworks, balloons, stars, moons, birds, lensflares, and mor

If you would like to be in with a chance to win a promo code for Reflect+, all we ask is for you to reply to this post telling us what you love most about (we know how hard it is to narrow it down to one thing and also retweet or FB this post). That’s it, we’ll enter your details into our magic hat and if you’re a winner, a code will soon be sitting in your inbox.

Reflect+ retails for $1.99/£1.49 and if you prefer you can download it here

Video Demonstration

28 thoughts on “Reflect+ – Another iOS Photography App Giveaway!”

  1. LOVE and own all of Pixite apps !! use them regularly on my photo art feed in IG
    ( crazypixler ) !!

    Love the APP Whisperer for years now .. you all keep me informed, up to date and armed with so much good play .. i so appreciate you !

    thanks for always keeping us in the know !

    sylvia !

  2. the fact that you have a “magic hat’ to pull my name out of is reason enough to love the Appwhisperer!!

    that, and all of the latest and greatest news of the App World!

  3. Like I said in the Hallows Eve post, your app-tutorials are my favorite part of TAW, right next to the constant stream of iphotography news 🙂

    This looks like a very good app! Love all the other Brain Fever Media apps as well…

  4. I have been among the missing for some time but always check what is new and exciting on your site. Such great information always inspirational and above all fun. Thanks for such a great site and all the hard work you put into it!

  5. The AppWhisperer beats out other iPhoneography sites in terms of early app promos, you guys rock!

    I’ve shouted out on Twitter about this app and the giveaway!

  6. I like all sections of

    This is an excellent site for lovers of photography and especially for the mobile photography.

  7. I wrote it in the last giveaway. But besides what I wrote, all the posts, interviews etc invite to be even more creative and to experiment with apps one doesn’t know

  8. Great up to date news and reviews are the main reason I love the appwhisper site, also I enjoy the banter in comments, even if it is to do with me doing a nude photo shoot. Wouldn’t have it any other way, keep up the great work x

  9. It’s very hard to pick just one thing I love about the App Whisperer. I think today I’ll narrow it down to the incredible dedication of Joanne Carter to providing us with important mobile photography info! Thank you, Joanne!

  10. I am a big fan of the team from BrainFeverMedia. Their creative apps and updates have made my life so much richer in enhancing my art and experience of mobile photography.

    Joanne you are very well aware of how I feel about your blog. I check it out almost on a daily basis and find it to be the best blog around for mobile photography. I appreciate very much what you do for the mobile photography community and the artist that embraces technology. And your family for their support they give you to continue bringing us wonderful and interesting articles about this. 😉

  11. I love the app whisperer because I continually am presented with work I had not seen by photographers I did not know…

  12. I love how the keeps me in the know with the latest apps, street photographers and articles about all things related to my iPhonegraphy world. I in turn share what I’ve learned with my social media friends, helping them to explore more of all thinG in the mobile photography world.

  13. Not entering the draw because I just bought the app … love the app so far!! Really appreciate this site! Thank you

  14. Love for the creativity found here! Love BrainFeverMedia for their awesome apps! Reflect+ looks very cool!

  15. I have just discovered the AppWhisperer – it looks like this is a website I will have to keep returning to – great site 🙂 Just wish there were more hours in the day – and more days in a life 😉

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