iPhone 6/+ and iOS 8 Tips From Austin Mann – Photographer From The Icelandic Adventure


Many thanks to my friend Austin Mann, the photographer behind the iPhone 6/Icelandic trip (see here), who has allowed me to published some tips of his from behind the scenes of that video.  We have also included a wonderful video with Austin talking about iPhone mounts – don’t miss this.

We hope to publish more of Austin’s tips very soon…

To view Austin’s website, please go here.

  • “Tip #1 Camera Mode jump: Before iOS 8, you had to swipe between camera modes one by one… now you can actually tap the mode and skip (for instance, you can skip directly from Photo mode all the way to Time-lapse mode by tapping on the far left of the screen.)  This is way faster than sliding over twice… really nice when a shot is fleeting and you need switch modes as quickly as possible.
  • Tip #2 Time-lapse AE/AF Lock: Time-lapse mode is super fun and easy to just set up and go. It auto-exposes, auto-focus and auto-assembles everything. I just posted this time-lapse on Instagram a few nights ago.
  • One quick tip for time-lapse mode is to use AE/AF lock. This will lock the exposure and the focus on whatever area you “touch and hold” BEFORE you start the time-lapse. This will prevent your camera from searching for a focus point throughout the time-lapse and it will also lock the exposure settings… so it works great to create “fade-to-black” time-lapse at sunset because the camera won’t redjust lighting settings as the light fades”.

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