Streets Ahead – Challenge 8 – Selfies On The Street – Deadline – 30th November 2014


Time for a new challenge. This challenge is different to our previous seflie challenge (which was in the style of Vivian Maier). This time, we would like you to capture people taking selfies of themselves on the street – ‘social media models’. So to be clear, this is NOT a self portrait challenge – the aim is to capture other people capturing themselves.

A recap of the rules and procedure for entry:

1. ONE entry only – please do not upload any other images to this group as it has been created specifically for the challenge only. The admins will delete images that are not relevant.

2. Upload your image to the group on flickr that has been created specifically for the challenge entries.

3. Please label your image ‘Challenge 8: Selfies on the street.

4. Photos from a mobile device only please.

Once we have selected images from this challenge, we will create a showcase like this (link)

Come on, let’s see what you can do!


 Image above  ©Cara Gallardo Weil

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