Impossible Universal Lab for Mobile Photography at The Photography Show 2015 with TheAppWhisperer


One of the many fabulous things I did within our seminars at The Photography Show this year was demonstrate the brand new Impossible Instant Lab Universal. In fact, as Impossible were at the show, I asked one of their wonderful staff members and friend Alex, to help me to demonstrate their new product – and it went down a storm!

Unlike the previous version of the Instant lab, this model now works with more varieties of smartphone device. Essentially, Impossible have created a new adaptor that you position your mobile device within, for processing. It is possible to purchase this adaptor separately and to adapt your existing lab, if you have one.

I am very excited about the Instant Lab and always talk with great excitement about it, whenever possible. So much so, that I was talking with Alex about a wonderful photographer that I had interviewed for Vogue, Paulina and her recent Gallery Show in London, using the lab as her main processor and printer for the event. Fortunately, Alex knew all about this, and produced a really fabulous large display of images of Paulina that they had on their stand at The Photography Show. Alex brought this up to our stage as well and I was able to show the audience the depth to what can be achieved – what an experience!

If you are interested in purchasing the Universal Lab, adaptor or new film, please go here.

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