Digital Photography Book Giveaway – ‘The Nature of Photography & The Photography of Nature’


We don’t just giveaway mobile photography apps and hardware here at, we also giveaway photography books!  We are delighted to announce our association with MACK and will be offering a series of digital books over the coming weeks to our loyal readers.  

The Photography of Nature & The Nature of Photography by Catalan photographer Joan Fontcuberta, explores the artifice at the heart of photography – testing the limits of our faith in photographs as he creatively mixes fact with fiction, and science with art.

Fontcuberta is the 33rd recipient of the prestigious Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography, and this digital edition celebrating the award is a survey of Fontcuberta’s oeuvre, including six of his most iconic photographic series: Herbarium (1984) and Fauna (1987), dealing with botanical and biological findings of newly discovered species; Constellations (1993), images of previously undiscovered stars and their stardust; Sputnik (1997), which tells the tale of a Russian cosmonaut still lost in space; Sirens (2000), an investigative project for National Geologic on the finding of the Hydropithecus (mermaid) fossils; and Orogenesis (2002) in which Fontcuberta explores landscapes using Terragen technologies.

Fontcuberta’s photography is itself about photography’s own workings as a system of representation, as he exploits our desire to believe what we see in a photograph. The ebook includes essays by Geoffrey Batchen and Jorge Wagensberg that unpick the myths Fontcuberta has so meticulously constructed.

Here is a link to the orginal printed version of this book too.

This is the link to the digital version.

This book retails for £10.99 on the UK iBookstore and the equilavent where it is available. If you would like to be in with a chance to win the full iBooks version of this book, we would like you to like us on Facebook (here), follow us on Twitter (here) – and most importantly reply to this post and tell us what you love most about We’ll enter your email address into our magical hat and if you’re a winner you will find a promo code sitting in your inbox very soon.

7 thoughts on “Digital Photography Book Giveaway – ‘The Nature of Photography & The Photography of Nature’”

  1. Holy cow! There is so much to love about the App Whisperer! Great information from a trusted source, and serious encouragement for the iPhone arts community! There is always inspiration, here!

  2. This is like when I was a child coming down the stairs Christmas morning. Excited and could not sleep a wink because of the gifts to be had. Visiting TAW IS LIKE THAT EVERY DAY! Whether it’s a tutorial by Jerry or a showcase of the awesome talent on mobile photography on Flickr or the giveaways. Such a treat…! 🙂 Merci, Gracias, Thank You, cheers, Danke, Domo Arrigato, Grazie….

  3. I can tell from this one image I’d love to have it! Looks right up my alley. As usual – theAppWhisperer taking care of all our visual needs! So much to love…

  4. this book would be a nice enrichment for myself and most probably gives me ideas for new explorations. The appwhisperer and its huge community are always a great source of challenges for me and make me experiment new horizons.


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