TrueView Interviews – “What does your Work say about Mobile Art?” with Lorenka Campos


Today, we are publishing a brand new TrueView Interview video, this time with the talented Mobile Photographer, Lorenka Campos.  We asked her, “What does your Work say about Mobile Art?”.  Please watch the video and enjoy her answer…

This is a new section to TheAppWhisperer, we are so proud of all the wonderful artists who are contributing to our new section, ‘TrueView Interviews‘ is where we ask one singular question ‘What does your work say about Mobile Photography and/or Art?’ and it’s captured to video. This is such an exciting area, so many of you are working on your videos right now, we all want to see and hear you, what a joy and privilege it is. Thank you all so much.

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Roger Guetta

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Susan Rennie

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Dilshad Corleone

Meri Walker

Ile Mont

Diana Nicholette Jeon

Jaime Glasser

Video Interview

TrueView Interviews – “What does your Work say about Mobile Art” with Lorenka Campos from Gainsville, Florida, USA

7 thoughts on “TrueView Interviews – “What does your Work say about Mobile Art?” with Lorenka Campos”

  1. How delicious to hear your voice and see your face while you’re speaking Lorenka! Indeed we who are choosing to use our phones to make serious art are pioneers on some growing edge of human creativity that we can’t actually see yet. I love your work and the way we share creatively. So glad you made one of these interviews!

  2. This is a wonderful way to “meet” the artist behind the art. I especially enjoyed listening to and watching what Lorenka had to say, especially her analogy of making art being like gathering thoughts and impressions in a dream.

  3. Lorenka, you are beautiful and eloquent..just like your artwork! This is a great video! Thanks for doing this.



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