Mobile Photography and Art – Flickr Group Showcase – 2 August 2015 – TheAppWhisperer


Oh you will love this, it’s another week of fabulous mobile photography and art from all around the world. This work is so strong, it’s a huge pleasure to view and curate. I am sure you will also enjoy this as much as I do.

If you would like your work to be considered for entry into our weekly Mobile Photography and Art flickr group, please submit it to our dedicated group, here.

Many congratulations to the following featured artists this week:

Mark Walton, Keisuke Takahashi, David Hayes, Mimo Khair, Clay Railton, thelcf666, Andy, Hussam Eissa, Lorenka Campos, Geri Centonze, Shams Tabreez, Cathrine Halsor, Chad RankinNick Kenrick, Claude Panneton, Sara Tune, Mimages, Michael Trombley, soul_engine, Serdar Turkoglu, Eliza Badoiu, la_ma_rie, David Bithell, Nizamettin Kuchkoner, Janine Graf, hanakai2001, Lorenka Campos, Cat Morris, Gianluca Ricoveri, Elodie Hunting, Poetic Medium, Bob Eddings, Susan Rennie, Jane Schultz, Carolyn Hall Young, Roger Guetta, Michelle Robinson, Ade Santora, Diana Nicholette Jeon

2 thoughts on “Mobile Photography and Art – Flickr Group Showcase – 2 August 2015 – TheAppWhisperer”

  1. Many thanks, Joanne, for this rich visual treat, and for including my portrait of Edith Meier, “Gladdening”. I had used several of Edith’s images as sources to build this piece, which was made with iColorama, on my iPad. It is a pleasure for me, to have my painting shown in the company of artists whose work I admire.
    What a wonderful collection of images! Bravo to all of you!


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