Mobile Movies Showcase – Week 62

Mobile Movies Showcase – Week 62


Welcome the sixty second showcase in our Mobile Movies Column, curated and edited by Vanessa Vox and Giulia Baita.  Every two weeks Vox and Baita will curate the movie uploads to our Flickr group MobileMoviesTheAppWhisperer.  They will view all the videos uploaded and comment on the ones selected.

Within this selection today, both Vox and Baita have curated the movies and Vox has written the commentary for this week, this will alternate (foreword by Joanne Carter).

All of the entries were either shot or created on mobile devices. Many congratulations to: Jo Sullivan, Nanou Ghanem, Karen Axelrad, Dani Salvadori and Thomas Kempe for being featured this week.

(Please note that we have linked to Tom’s movie below via Flickr, we cannot (at the moment) share it within this post because of the set privacy settings of this individual).

Soft WaterMusic by TALLOWS by Jo Sullivan

Soft WaterMusic by TALLOWSWho doesn’t know this feeling? Those surreal three minutes when you are ‘trapped’ in your car during the carwash. Jo’s movie is a playful visual enjoyment. Full of moving and blurred forms like a fresh dripping paint. And furthermore an interesting cooperation with the band ‘Tallows’.



Contre toi by nanou ghanem


Contre toi
The camerawoman throws her shadow onto the sand and the shimmering water on the coast. A sensual French voice asks:  ‘Approche-toi…’ (Come closer to me…). Let your soul dream and swing on this captivating short movie.

An evening in the life, October 3, 2015 by Karen Axelrad

An evening in the life: October 3, 2015
A night impression of Berlin, during the day of reunification.

In place but not there by Dani Salvadori

In place, but not there
An abstract short piece which reminds me of the Bauhaus aesthetic. The ‘Kleine Nasamusik’ supports the technical look.

Beware of falling apples! (Apfel-Abfall) by Thomas Kempe

Flickr link
A slow motion movie with surprise effect.  We are maybe witnessing the moment when Newton discovered the law of gravitation 😉

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