DxO to Update One App Software Bringing Apple Watch Support and More


DxO announced yesterday (24 November 2015) a new update to their app software for the DxO One, designed to be paired with an Apple iPhone (it can function as a stand-alone camera, albeit without a viewfinder).  

Version 1.2, which we understand is due out in December 2015, will introduce new camera controls including a continuous shooting mode, access to advanced capture parameters and photo information with a simple swipe and one-tap access to hyperfocal distance in manual focus mode, as well as the ability to reposition the magnification loupe for critical focusing. If you’re a fan of selfies, then this update will please you as they are available in each capture setting setting and mode as well as video.

If you’re planning on using your DxO One for fast action, then the addition of the expanded shutter speed range (to 1/20000 sec, up from 1/8000 sec), will appeal. Additional encouraging updates include a longer low-light exposure (30s) and the facility to capture video with full manual control of aperture, ISO, white balance and more.

One of the key highlights to this update is for the Apple Watch community. It will enable Apple Watch wearers to capture multiple photographs in quick succession as well as recording videos with their devices. The Apple Watch also acts as a trigger for activating the shutter and eliminates camera vibration for long exposure shooting.

The DxO One retails for $600/£449 and you can purchase it here.

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