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Mobile Movies Showcase – Week 69 – TheAppWhisperer

Welcome the sixty ninth showcase in our Mobile Movies Column, curated and edited by Vanessa Vox and Giulia Baita. The week Baita has curated the films and written the accompanying text for each one below.

All of the entries were either shot or created on mobile devices. Many congratulations for being highlighted and featured to: Jo Sullivan, Dani Salvadori, Tine Rice, Therese Cherton, Keisuke Takahashi and Dieter Gaebel.

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“A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step” –  Jo Sullivan

A sequence of images shows us a woman who starts a stay in hospital. The photos tell of her sick days, waking up after an operation, the first meal, the recovery slowly after great suffering. This story tells us about the situation of so many people, some of them are very dear to us; the disease, suffering, the hospital and then slowly recovering. A great humanity and a great love in this movie. A gift to remind us that understanding and love for people is the most important thing.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step

A month of a movement 22/31. Sunrise, Terlingua – Dani Salvadori

This short video shows the sun rising slowly through a series of wedges of light. Slowly the miracle takes place every day. The light replaces the darkness and men, animals and plants can enjoy the sun. The music underlines this time creating a charming atmosphere. The most remarkable aspect is that this short video is part of a research about the movement that the artist has conducted for a month. Every day for a month a few seconds of video studied and investigated “the movement”.

A month of movement 22/31. Sunrise, Terlingua. Music: Glimpse by Podington Bear.

“Trascendental” – Tina Rice

The observation of the clouds has always fascinated millions and millions of people. This video was born from the observation of clouds moving slowly, change shape continuously and maybe watching us from above.. A very poetic movie using LumaFX to get games of geometric lines and a dream vision. “Transcendental” conducive us to the meditation and the vision of a surreal reality.


Entry and Exit Subway – Thérèse Cherton

The setting of this movie is the great city. The Metro runs underground corridors and a whole world moves under the ground and runs towards the most various directions. Here the camera observes the entry and the exit from Metro making a path in contrast with offers and then changing our usual perception of reality. The work is very interesting and invites us to look with different eyes even the most mundane scenes of daily life.

Entry and Exit Subway. Iphone6+ / Reverso / Cinamatic: Danny.©Thérèse Cherton

Tokyo Monochrome Moments – Keisuke Takahashi

The video moves through some streets of Tokyo city with monochrome effect. Street scenes  that observe people walking on the street, the cars, sidewalks, grand palaces. The time lapse effect contributes to the idea of ​​a hectic and extremely lively city. Interesting shots by an experienced street photographer.

Tokyo Monochrome Moments

Roundabout – Dieter Gaebel

Interesting movie for the happy glance of the author. The camera stops to look at a carousel which is reflected on a puddle of water. It spins through time lapse effect. Music skillfully emphasizes the speed of this surreal scene. Nice use of B&W. Very interesting work.


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Vanessa Vox, born in Paris, studied Art History and Archaeology in Aix-en-Provence. During and after her studies she worked as a passionated dancer and choreographer. In Switzerland (2003) she began to explore the possibilities of digital art and video editing in collaboration with her husband, a swiss musician and artist. 2013 she moved to the south of France where she deepened the rich possibilities of mobile apps. It was the beginning of a new passion. Many of her short videos have been presented within our Mobile Movies Showcases. And two of them were exhibited in the first ISMA exhibition 'L'Arte è Mobile', Museo di Arte Contemporanea, Rovereto (Italy). Giulia Baita. Italian iPhonographer. She lives in a beautiful island in the Mediterranean called "Sardinia". Passionate about painting and drawing, she obtained a degree in History of Contemporary Art. Studies and supports examination of the History of Cinema at the 'University of Cagliari'. She is a professor of Italian and History and whilst in high school continued to cultivate her passion for the Art. For several years she has been and continues to be in love with Mobile Photography and Mobile Art. Some of her photos have been shown in international exhibitions and she is currently highly interested in the Mobile Movies.