Mobile Photography – StreetsAhead – Tribute to Arjan van der Horst Challenge Results


This challenge showcase was devoted to our Arjan van der Horst who we tragically lost not so long ago. The challenge was to use the Arjan film (created by the Hipstamatic team in honour of Arjan) to capture images in the way we knew he would from the wonderful images he left us to remember him by. The four images I have selected I feel best capture the spirit and style of our dear friend. 

With many congratulations and huge thanks to Paula Betlem, FrauLN, Karen Axelrad, Christine Mignon, Gillian Brodie, Giulia Baita, Armineh Hovanesian, Montse Abad, Patricia Januszkiewicz, Ile Mont, Lee Atwell, Heather McAlister, Gina Costa, Marsha Leith, Lila Lile, Cara Gallardo Weil and Tuba Korhan.

So many thanks also to Cara Gallardo Weil for curating this challenge and to Gina Costa for the text.

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Paula Betlem

This touching photo reminds us of the joy Arjan brought to all of our lives. He beautifully captured the spontaneity of people together enjoying one another. Paula perfectly conveys Arjan’s spirit in this wonderful photograph of people celebrating life and their friendship. Wonderful, Paula.

Christine Mignon

Christine, this is also a shot Arjan would have taken himself. The point of view, the sassy gentleman as he looks down at us all are reminiscent of Arjan’s style.

Patricia Januszkiewicz

This is the perfect kind of shot Arjan himself would have taken, but my breath was taken away because it seems as if you’ve captured him through the window. Beautiful job, Patricia.

Tuba  Korhan

This photograph, for me, beautifully communicates the kind of quiet, emotional photographs Arjan used to take and share with us. Tuba, I love your point of view and how you crop and backlight this scene to create a truly powerful memory that reminds us all of Arjan.

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