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Mobile Photography – Portrait of an Artist Spring Challenge

Welcome to our Fourth Portrait of an Artist Challenge. The theme of our new challenge is “Floral Portrait”.  I think of this challenge as a welcome to a new cycle, a reconciliation with nature, beauty, color and all the good feelings and sensations the Spring brings with it, after a cold and dark Winter.

This is a very special challenge entirely dedicated to the loving memory of Carolyn Hall Young who seemed to grow flowers everywhere she touched, especially our hearts.

Dates for submission are from 21st February through 31st March 2017.

Please read the following instructions:

All submissions must be posted ONLY to our specific Portrait of an Artist Flickr Challenge group – link here. 

Not to any other group from TheAppWhisperer. You will be able to add them to any other group of your choice after the challenge is over and the showcase presented.

Please use the hashtag #FloralPortrait so we can identify images submitted to this challenge more easily .

Be creative, artistic, colourful, warm and joyful. Reinvent yourself through light, color and love: bloom again!

Image ©Ile Mont

Image ©Ile Mont

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Ileana Mont Born in Mexico City, Ileana is a professional in graphic communications and advertising. She studied in San Diego, CA. in the United States and later on she returned to Mexico City where she worked as a copywriter, graphic designer and creative director for several advertising agencies, until she realized she had a more artistic calling and a very strong feeling for painting and photography. She learned about painting techniques with Mexican artist Irma Grizá and engaged in developing and combining her photography and computer graphics skills through her visual expression. She is now an independent visual artist and photographer and has been featured in some important blogs about mobile art and photography. Ileana enjoys looking for the beauty out of ordinary things and the special things of our everyday lives.