Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @barbaranebel Day 4 – 12


Taking in this post, I hope you will fancy that you can almost hear the deep praise, appaluse and embrace I am showering on Barbara Nebel. An outstanding mobile artist and photographer but not only that, a woman who now as far as I am concerned occupies an elevated plinth all to herself, as the artist who led our Instagram takeover throughout the Christmas and New Year period, above and beyond the call of duty, when I was very unwell with a delibating eye illness, which kept me away from all screens for several days. The stakes were vertinginous, her Takeover was for 7 days, and she’s still at the helm. Thank you from the bottom of my heart dear Barbara. Please take a look at the period from Day 4- 12 that she has worked on. If you want to keep track of all that @barbaranebel views and has viewed, please head over to our Instagram feed, here. Please tag your images with #TheAppWhisperer if you hope to be found and possibly featured.

If you missed any of our other Instagram TAKEOVERS, please go here to read them.

On Day 4 @barbaranebel highlighted a very talented mobile photographer and artist @tricia.dewey – Tricia Dewey. This is what @barbaranebel writes, Hello @theappwhisperer friends on day 4 of the IG takeover, with @barbaranebel sharing the photo pf the day by @tricia.dewey. Tricia tells us that shes taking a class on how to use iColorama, and this is a terrific example of what shes been learning. I love the depth and texture that she’s created in this image, and creativity of the multiple images shes blended together. A terrific image Tricia!! Everyone please look at tricias beautiful works @tricia.dewey, i lnow you’ll enjoy them as much as i do.

On Day 5 @barbaranebel highlighted another very talented moible photographer and artist @imagomimago – Mimi Svandberg and she writes, “Let’s fly off into the New Year Together” with today’s @theappwhisperer IG Takeover day 5 winner Mimi Svandberg @imagomimago!! A flight of fantasy image that is just perfect for this our last day of 2017, I love the creativity and imagination that Mimi shows us in this wonderful image. I know you’ll all enjoy looking at the terrific images on Mimi’s IG page @imagomimago”.

On Day 6 @barbaranebel highlighted another very talented moible photographer and artist @marietjie_dt – Marietjie, and she writes, ” This image by @marietjie_dt captured my eye with its beauty and words——“I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me. Every day holds new magic!” Gorgeous image to start our 2018 with @theappwhisperer. Congratulations @an_artistic_life”.

On Day 7 @barbaranebel highlighted another very talented moible photographer and artist @sukru_mehmet_omur – Sukru Mehmet Omur and she writes what a bright cheerful creative collage image I found by the wonderful artist @sukru_mehmet_omur. I see beautiful imagination and talents in creating this piece of artwork that we all enjoy, and it is a great image to begin 2018. Please look at his @sukru_mehmet_omur IG page to see all of his gorgeous works of art!! Comgratulations to you!!!”.

On Day 8 @barbaranebel highlighted another very talented moible photographer and artist @sodium_light22 – Jenny Pieters and she writes IG takeover by @barbaranebel for @theappwhisperer with a fascinating and very creative image by @sodium_light22 . I get lost in the eyes, and those red lips, a terrific image! Please look at Jenny’s IG page to see her wonderful imsges, congratulations and i lool forward to seeing much more of your work!!”.

On Day 9 @barbaranebel highlighted another very talented moible photographer and artist @louisewhiting – Louise Whiting and she writes -this is such a captivating image by @louisewhiting. It speaks to me, in whispers, of what we can become at the hands of an artist. Transformed into individual parts and pieces, and then brought together into something new, that is not us, but yet is. I’m a huge fan of Louise’s work, and think this image is a great example of what it means to be an “app whisperer”. Please go to Louise’s IG page @louisewhiting to enjoy more of her work. Congratulations!!”

On Day 10 @barbaranebel highlighted another very talented moible photographer and artist @robinrobertis – Robin Robertis and she writes Imagination, creativity, great skill with editing in apps = this fantastic image from @robinrobertis !!! When you look carefully and closely at the seamless conversion of ocean creature to human skin, you are convinced they are one and the same! I admire Robin’s imagination and wonderful creativity as she shows us whats possible in the world of mobile photography. Please take a look at @robinrobertis IG page to enjoy and learn from a wonderful artist!”

On Day 11 @barbaranebel highlighted another very talented moible photographer and artist @theartofmayte – This gorgeous image by @theartofmayte just burst from the screen when i first saw it, And I kept going back to look again at the beauty of the colors textures and design. The underlying image and the use of apps to bring to life the sunshine and bokeh that @theartofmayte shows us in this image is an example of what can be created by a terrific app-whisperer!! Please look at their IG page to enjoy all of their work”.

On Day 12 @barbaranebel highlighted another very talented moible photographer and artist @judy_lurie_wahlberg – Judy Lurie Wahlberg and she writes “Ooooo i like this a lot!!!” That was my first thought when I saw this creative and beautiful work by @judy_lurie_wahlberg. A self-portrait, a portrait of another, either way the style and emotion of this is wonderfully portrayed. I quickly went to Judy’s IG page and enjoyed looking at her other images, and look forward to seeing more!! A lovely image of app-whisperer talent”.


Day 4 @tricia.dewey – Tricia Dewey


Day 5 – @imagomimago – Mimi Svandberg


Day 6 – @marietjie_dt – Marietjie


Day 7 @sukru_mehmet_omur – Sukru Mehmet Omur


Day 8 – @sodium_light22 – Jenny Pieters


Day 9 – @louisewhiting – Louise Whiting


Day 10 – @robinrobertis – Robin Robertis


Day 11 – @theartofmayte


Day 12 – @judy_lurie_wahlberg – Judy Lurie Wahlberg



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