TheAppWhisperer Online Gallery and Print Sales Launched Today!


The most exciting thing we have ever done, since launching our initial website – I am beyond excited to publicly announce and launch today the next project in the rise and the rise of TheAppWhisperer! Today, we have launched our own Online Gallery and Print Sales website, celebrating and representing award-winning mobile photographers and artists. We have partnered with ThePrintSpace in London, one of the most professional printing services in the UK and they will fulfil every single order and post these out to customers the same day, with a special flat rate of £6 per print, globally.

I am extremely grateful to Helen Breznik, Jane Schultz, Lorenka Campos, Susan Rennie, Gianluca Ricoveri, Jill Lian, Sean Hayes and Barbara Nebel whose collections of art we are representing and who have helped bring this project to fruition. We hope to add more artists to our collections and add additional art of the artists we are currently representing too.

Please take a look around, the site is optimised for both mobile and desktop. Click on a collection and you will be able to see what is for sale, sizes and paper. Place an order and as mentioned above, ThePrintSpace will pick up your order automatically and start their wonderful magic on your latest work of art collection. Every single order you place goes on to support each artist and TheAppWhisperer enabling us all to produce more for you.

To view our site, please go here

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