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Mobile Art and Photography That Has Influenced Me – Interview with Joyce Harkin from the United Kingdom

We are delighted to bring you the twelfth in our brand new Mobile Art and Photography that has Influenced Me” series of interviews at TheAppWhisperer. Within this series, we contact well established and highly regarded mobile photographers and artists and ask them a sequence of questions. Each one relates to mobile art and photography that has inveigled and continues to impact them, by other mobile artists throughout the world. Our twelfth interview is with Joyce Harkin from the United Kingdom enjoy!

In this interview, Harkin cites work by: Alessio Albi, Carolyn Hall Young, Amy Ecenbarger, Clint Cline, @chalktiger, Bonobo Stone, Meri Walker, Barbara Nebel, John Byrne George Henry and EA Homel.

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The image that is currently in the forefront of my mind

I only recently discovered this photographer, Alessio Albi who creates stunning portraits using light and natural elements like water and smoke. This one blew me away and I can’t stop going back to it. If I ever took a photograph this good I would die happy!

©Alessio Albi

The image that changed my life

Seeing this self portrait of Carolyn Hall Young was when I first realised just how fabulous mobile art could be. Her soul shines out from this. I was hooked and will be eternally grateful for the inspirational body of art she created and left behind for us to enjoy.

©Carolyn Hall Young

The image I wish I had created

This powerful work by Amy Ecenbarger had a profound emotional effect on me and it is so beautifully done. I love everything about it, the subject, the brushstrokes, the colours – all perfect.

‘The Consult’ ©Amy Ecenbarger

The image that is most underrated

I admire the work of an instagram artist @chalktiger. His imaginative collages are always clever, full of humour and are beautifully executed.


The image that changed my mind

The blurring of the lines between art and photography is so successfully and beautifully bridged by Bonobo Stone. Everything is possible.

‘The Activist’ ©Bonobo Stone

The most recent image that made me sad

“Native American Princesses” by Meri Walker So many dreadful things in the near and distant past are no longer being brushed under the carpet.

‘Native American Princesses…’ ©Meri Walker (TheiPhoneArtGirl)

The most recent image that made me smile

This very seasonal image by the super talented Julie Denning, so sweet and beautiful at the same time.

©Julie Denning

My comfort images

I didn’t have to hesitate – I always get a little tingle of anticipation when I see Barbara Nedel’s name coming up because I know I’m in for a visual treat. Her flower images are so very beautiful – always!

©Barbara Nebel

The image I would most like to give as a gift

The Glasgow artist John Byrne is an absolute favourite of mine and I adore this portrait of his wife Tilda Swinton. I know I would love to look at it every day, who wouldn’t?

©John Byrne

Artwork that has influenced my art

I think all the art I see has an influence and there are so many brilliant artists in the mobile community so this was a difficult question. However, I love abstracts and the master is Clint Cline. I could have picked any one of his works. He uses shapes, colours and textures to create deceptively simple images that have so much depth I could look at them all day long.

©Clint Cline

My earliest artistic memory

I was taken to Kelvingrove Art Gallery when I was about 7 or 8 and it was a life changing experience. The building itself seemed vast and very, very grand. I loved it. We came to a huge painting called “The Druids Bringing in the Mistletoe” by George Henry and EA Hornel, painted in 1890. I was utterly transfixed. I literally had to be dragged away from it. I could not get it out of my mind and I still go and look at it as often as I can. I still think it’s magical.

‘The Druids Bringing in the Mistletoe’ ©George Henry and EA Homel

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