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Mobile Art and Photography That Has Influenced Me – Interview with M. Cecilia Sao Thiago from Brazil

We are delighted to bring you the sixteenth in our brand new Mobile Art and Photography that has Influenced Me series of interviews at TheAppWhisperer. Within this series, we contact well established and highly regarded mobile photographers and artists and ask them a sequence of questions. Each one relates to mobile art and photography that has inveigled and continues to impact them, by other mobile artists throughout the world. Our sixteenth interview is with Cecilia Sao Thiago from Brazil enjoy!

In this interview, Sao Thiago cites work by: Diana Nicholette Jeon, Carolyn Hall Young, Helen Breznik, Eliza Badoiu, Jane Schultz, Cindy Patrick, Juta Jazz, Bobbi McMurry, Nikki Pelaez, Sarah Jarrett and Marie Matthews.

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(foreword by Joanne Carter)


“Everything evolves, there are no eternal realities: just as there are no absolute truths.”

(Nietzsche, 1878)

As in a Rorschach test, in choosing the images for this presentation, I had the distinct impression of showing more than the photographs I so much admire, much of my essence and the content that inhabits me.

In irrational art there is a valuation in relation to the unconscious that is portrayed through the dream, where the ideas that arise to the mind do not have an order or organisation, being visible in the surrealist works the variety of present elements and a certain confusion that bind the observer to the photograph.

Man-Ray makes the distinction in his photographic work between two contradictory worlds, between the real and the inexplicable. He affirmed that the resolution of the future would be found through two states, reality and dream”

The Image That Is Currently In The Forefront Of My Mind

The dark and intriguing character of the way the vegetation appears so fleeting and unrecognisable to the viewer, fascinated me. My impression of fleeting images is that the fact that they contain so many details leads to greater attention and dedication to the observation of photographs than to the contrary.

©Diana Nicholette Jeon (@diananicholettejeon)

The Image That Changed My Life

The constant use of the self-portrait consists of a repetition that exceeds the patterns of meaning, invoking magnitude through pure repetition. Her iPad paintings invoke a vulnerability, which became even more striking after the dramatically premature outcome. It is clear to me, seeing her work that her photographs portrayed the day to day as that to demonstrate how art is restorative.

My favorite quote by Hall Young: “Watch what makes you shine, what you are drawn to. Pay attention to who makes you shine, and who diminishes you. Pay attention to what you do when nobody’s looking. Pay attention to the choices you make that are different from other people’s choices. I think the saddest thing is when people don’t know what they love. We get so used to living up to other people’s expectations that we stop having any of our own, other than assumptions that are guided by people in our environment.”

©Carolyn Hall Young (@carolynhallyoung)

The Image I Wish I Had Created

Self-portraits, unlike selfies, are not always easy to make. They are not a cry for attention or a showcase of your physical beauty. Self-portraits are a learning curve and experimental field for the photographer who is willing to bare his soul in front of his own lens. And Helen mister when it comes to Auto-portraits.

I regard her self-portraits almost as visual enigmas, for her ability to turn her body into everything she wants. Just as you can place the minutely selected objects in a stipulated position, so as to establish precise meaning for your photograph.

©Helen Breznik (@helenbreznik)

Artwork That Has Influenced My Art

In the photographs of Eliza, plant and body, light and shadow, ground and skin, vestige and presence, abandonment and habitation coexist in a profound and sometimes hesitant way.

I admire her ability to reflect on one’s own body, emphasising the importance of the self for the competence of self-observation.

©Eliza Badoiu (@elizabadoiu)

The Image That Is The Most Underrated

The representation of self in photography seems to me to relate to the body image and the influence of its image in the way it relates to others and how others relate to the image.

I was so enchanted when I saw this image and thought that it was time to see in the largest museums made photos and edited with iPhone / iPad.

©Jane Schultz (@before.1st.light)

The Image That Changed My Mind

Cindy Patrick was one of the first photographers to publish pictures with the iPad, which revolutionised my vision with her own style. The space represented in her photographs is of great importance for the understanding of her work

Through this representation there is on the one hand a desire to feel free, to obtain one’s own liberation.

©Cindy Patrick (@cpatrickphoto)

The Most Recent Image That Made Me Smile

I love Bobbi’s present technique of encaustic to the use of colors, materials and symbolic value present in the images. I did not choose a photo with the encaustic technique because I never used it, and I would not know how to talk about it. What I intend to do soon.

I always love the features, the lines always present and very resourceful and personality composition of Bobbi.

The “Axes” are imaginary, horizontal, vertical and oblique lines in relation to which the composition is constructed or the elements that the painting are distributed.

©Bobbi McMurry (@sugarama)

The Most Recent Image That Me Sad

The “pray for boston” image from Juta is with ethereal.

The term “exposure” appears as a synonym for ‘taking a picture’.

Juta’s photographs please me even more when they reveal a taste for the illumination of the object, game of lights, confers to the photos irrationality, either in the body, or in the object and environment.

The photographs receive influences from the artistic works of their parents, on one side the paintings the female model presented in the photographs is like Juta herself, as if she said – Being photographed helps me to be myself.

©Juta Jazz (@jutajazz1)

My Comfort Images

Of all the gear chosen here, this is the only one that is not made through iPhone / iPad apps.

She starts from the photograph and uses the most varied techniques to reach the final result. Every good work of art is in complete balance. As a means of knowledge, exploring concepts that had not yet been analysed as the wonderful, the dream, the unconscious and why not the madness. This fascinate me.

©Nikki Pelaez (pelaeznikki)

The Image I Would Most Like To Give As A Gift

The objects chosen in the photographic scene of Sarah have a symbolic load, and there is an influence of the Surrealist – Expressionist movements in her work. Through photography was visible the confrontation of the human being against the mismatches provided by modernity. The aim of the movement would be to study the aspects that escaped the logic, the real valuing the subjective aspects, not accessible to the conscience.

Sarah’s artwork was the first to delight me. I can not forget the day I discovered her profile and was immediate fascinated by each image. Two years ago, on a visit to my daughter who was studying theater in England, I set out to visit Sarah. I wanted to meet her personally and buy a work of her, I sent her an email, but unfortunately it did not receive an answer and it didn’t work out. As my daughter decided to live in England, I hope one day I may have a work of her in my hands. Yes, I would give it to myself.

©Sarah Jarrett (@sarahjarrettart)

My Earliest Artistic Memory

In contrast to reason and instincts, as two opposing ways of guiding the action of the subject.

Influence of the surrealist movement through the importance and interpretation of the dream and the method of free association.

Through the psychic automatism it was possible for the artist to express her art through the emotions and affections that were at the unconscious level, thus consisting of an autonomous psychic activity that does not attend the control of consciousness. I love her work.

©Marie Matthews (@kaphinga)

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