INTERVIEWS,  Mobile Art and Photography That Has Influenced Me

Mobile Art and Photography That Has Influenced Me with Jo Sullivan from the United States

We are delighted to bring you the twenty first in our brand new Mobile Art and Photography that has Influenced Me series of interviews at TheAppWhisperer. Within this series, we contact well established and highly regarded mobile photographers and artists and ask them a sequence of questions. Each one relates to mobile art and photography that has inveigled and continues to impact them, by other mobile artists throughout the world. Our twenty first interview is with Jo Sullivan from the United States, enjoy!

In this interview, Sullivan cites work by: Ile Mont, Vermeer, Klimt, Dorothea Lange, Margritte, Lorenka Campos, Oola Cristina and Anita Magsaysay-Ho.

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(foreword by Joanne Carter)


The Image I Wish I Had Created

Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer. His use of light is astonishing and I immediately fell in love with his work. I, to this day, try to create the gorgeous light in my works that I find in his.

That piece is tied with The Kiss by Klimt. My love for the surreal and strong use of colour come directly from his work.

‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ ©Vermeer

The image I wish I had created

The Kiss. I wish I had that talent.

‘The Kiss’ ©Klimt

Artwork That Has Influenced My Art

Oh, there’s SO much! From Dorothea Lange’s Dust Bowl photography to Vermeer, Klimt and Magritte to our beloved Lorenza Campos and my current obsession, Oola Cristina…this list could go on and on.

Les Amantes, © René Magritte (1928)
©Dorthea Lange
©Lorenka Campos
©Oola Cristina

The Image That Is The Most Underrated

All works of the magical Anita Magsaysay-Ho.

©Anita Magsaysay-Ho

The image that changed my mind

My first piece featured by TheAppWhisperer. It was the first time I felt accepted and supported with my digital work.

©Jo Sullivan

The Most Recent Image That Made Me Smile

Everything by Oola Cristina.

©Oola Cristina

The Most Recent Image That Made Me Sad

Lorenka Campos’ series of her daughter, Abbey.

©Lorenka Campos

My Comfort Images

Any of my work that includes my kids, my pets, my girlfriend and other loved ones.

©Jo Sullivan
©Jo Sullivan
©Jo Sullivan
©Jo Sullivan

The Image I Would Most Like To Give As A Gift

Any of my pieces from my Renaissance Reimagined series.

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