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Mobile Photography & Art – The Recipe I Can’t Live Without with Kerry Mitchell from the United States

We have a new section at and it’s called ‘The Recipe I Can’t Live Without’, within that we are asking highly successful mobile artists to give us their one recipe they can’t live without in relation to editing their images. Kicking us off today, is Kerry Mitchell and she has created a recipe for her image of a camilla flower. To read the others in this new series, please go here. (foreword by Joanne Carter)

Serves: All

Cooks: In 30 Minutes

Difficulty: Not Too Tricky

Genre: Super Floral Family Classics


iPhone 6 Plus (default camera)

iPad Pro (optional for editing)






For my Recipe I chose a photo of a camellia that I turned into a painting with a few apps.

1.  First here is the camellia before any editing.


2.  I started in Formulas with Lilac Rose at 100%.

3.  Next on to PicsCraft, the Lighting choice under edit at 91%. This is a little-known app but has some interesting effects I find helpful. In this case it warmed up the camellia. It also spotlighted it into the center. This was the effect I wanted.

4.  For most of the rest of my Recipe I will be in iColorama/Style.  First Style/Coherence/preset 2 at 65% opacity. This sharpens the camellia.

5.  Then, Style/Water/preset 1. This is the watercolour painting effect. It not only gives the flower the painterly effect, but adds the paper cracks into the piece.

6.  Style/ET Flow/preset 1. I really like what flow does to the flower. It adds some more painterly effects to the flower without overwhelming it.

7.  Style/Coherence/Preset 1. I really like this preset. It is one of my go-to effects at the end of my edits. It sharpens your subject and seems to tie everything together. If it appears too sharp, you can always bring down the opacity.


Then to one final app:


Fantome & Vanilla

I could have left the camilla where it was. But I brought it into DistressedFX to see if I could add just a bit of a vignette to make the camellia pop just a tiny bit more. I could also have done this in Mextures.

This Recipe took me about 30 minutes. It can be time consuming finding a preset that you like in Formulas.

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