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Mobile Photography & Art – The Recipe I Can’t Live Without with Fiona Christian from England, UK

We have a new section at and it’s called ‘The Recipe I Can’t Live Without’, within that we are asking highly successful mobile artists to give us their one recipe (tutorial) they can’t live without in relation to editing their images. Kicking us off today, is Fiona Christian.  She has created an Abstract Landscape recipe . To read the others in this new series, please go here. (foreword by Joanne Carter)

Serves: All

Cooks: 2 Hours

Difficultly: Moderate

Genre: Abstract Landscape Family Classics

Table of Contents



iPad (optional)

One Random image




Native edit mode: MarkUp



1. Take any random image.


2.  Swish it around with the Repix Charcoal brush. Season to taste with a little Chalk brush.

3.  Add the resulting mixture to Hipstamatic and stir.

4. Use Blender to combine the results of the Repix and the Hipstamatic edits.

5. Return the mixture to Repix and stir with the charcoal brush and the chalk brush if desired.

6.  Sprinkle a few sketchy details on top using the Native MarkUp tool fine brush, having selected a suitable colour.

7. Garnish with Stackables Worn Canvas filter.

8. And serve.

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