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Mobile Art and Photography That Has Influenced Me with Filiz Ak from Istanbul, Turkey


We are delighted to bring you the twenty sixth in our  ‘Mobile Art and Photography that has Influenced Me’ series of interviews here at TheAppWhisperer. I created this series of interviews to offer an opportunity to artists, to help to appreciate one another. When artists share their art,  I interpret it as if they are baring their souls. To put work in the public domain, takes fierce trust, to oneself, of the process, not the outcome, the outcome cannot matter. When another artist explains how this art affects them emotionally and spiritually, it gives motivation to artists, to keep creating, to realise the influence they have, throughout the world, to give and to share and that’s what this series of interviews is all about…fundamentally it is about love and fierce trust, love of art, love of one another, trust in each other and oneself.

Within this series, we contact well established and highly regarded mobile photographers and artists and ask them a sequence of questions. Each one relates to mobile art and photography that has inveigled and continues to impact them, by other mobile artists throughout the world. Our twenty sixth interview is with Filiz Ak from Istanbul, Turkey, enjoy!

In this interview, Filiz Ak cites work by: Jane Schultz, Peter Wilkin, Clint Cline, Roger Guetta, Sukru Mehmet Omur, Joyce Harkin, Eleni Gemeni, Andrea Bigiarini and Tricia Dewey.

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(foreword by Joanne Carter)

The Image That Is Currently In The Forefront Of My Mind

The image that is currently in the forefront of my mind is one of by Jane Shultz

When I saw this image for the first time; I was absolutely so influenced and I said, to myself; “This is art! Now, you see how it is”. I admired this image of a woman with pins.

mobile photography
©Jane Schultz

The image that is most underrated

The image that is the most underrated İs one by Peter Wilkin @peterwilkin1. I would like to see this marvellous picture in the largest art museum.

mobile photography
©Peter Wilkin

The image that changed my mind

The image that changed my mind is one by Clint Cline. This is a fabulous piece of art. This image provokes something in my mind. Its surrealistic qualities and power make me full of thought. When I look at Clint’s art, I see beautiful colours, geometric composition, perfect light tones, wonderful textures and a lovely background, altogether. His works are very special and unique.

mobile photography
©Clint Cline

The most recent image that made me smile

The most recent image that made me smile is one by Roger Guetta @draman. It is such a beautiful image with a very  beautiful caption. It put a smile on my face and filled me with hope.

Love is like a butterfly; It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes” And I would add this “Life of both, is also too short

Another image that made me smile is one by Sukru Mehmet Omur @sukru_mehmet_omur. Colours and lines so beautiful and they touch my soul. It reminds me of my childhood. I would definitely like it to hang it on my wall .

mobile photography
©Roger Guetta
mobile photography
©Sukru Mehmet Omur

The most recent image that made me sad

The most recent image that made me sad is one by Joyce Harkin @harkinjoyce.I admire Joyces’ imagination and skill. This picture has the deepest story. When I look at it, I feeling loneliness, improbability and desperation.

mobile photography
©Joyce Harkin

My comfort image

My comfort image is one by Eleni Gemeni @elengemlux who  is one of my favorite artists. It brings me peace, calm and silence. I feel like I am above the clouds. Soft colors, soft light and composition are very beautiful just like dream. Less is more…

mobile photography
©Eleni Gemeni

The image I would most like to give (or receive) as a gift

The  image I would most like to give as a gift is one of by myself @filizakart. When I met at last, my dentist Elif I was influenced by her dress, her make-up and jewellery and I had made this one. So,I would like to print and frame it, to give to her as a gift for her Birthday.

mobile photography
©Filiz Ak

The image I wish I had created

The image I wish I had created is one by Andrea Bigiarini @andrea_bigiarini. He is the big Maestro of Digital Painting and of landscape photography. There is a powerful combination of colors and light in this picture. What a beautiful shade of yellow this is! His art blows me away and opens new doors and pathways that I didn’t know were there.

mobile photography
©Andrea Bigiarini

Artwork That Has Influenced My Art

Artwork that has influenced my art comes from Tricia Dewey. She always uses several different apps altogether. Amazing texture and layers are used perfectly in her arts. She is always pushing something new. I’m excited to see Tricia’s work, it opens and changes my mind.

mobile photograph
©Tricia Dewey

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